Public Safety

Preventing theft from auto and auto theft

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Thefts from auto and auto thefts are often preventable. Please see the safety tips below for more information on how you can reduce your risk.

  • Lock your doors and close your windows. Criminals look for opportunity, and unlocked doors and open windows are easy opportunities.
  • Do not leave your keys or key fobs in your car. It may be convenient, especially for those with a push-button ignition, but it leaves your car vulnerable to auto theft.
  • Do not leave your valuables laying out. Take them with you, or hide them in your vehicle before you arrive at your destination.
  • Do not leave items, such as phone chargers and change, in a visible place.
  • Park in well-lit and well-populated areas, preferably a parking garage.
  • Never leave your car running unattended.
  • If you are parking your vehicle for several days, check on it periodically.
  • Have your keys ready to use, but concealed, as you approach your car.
  • If someone approaches your car, do not roll your window down low enough that they could reach into your car.
  • A messy car is not a deterrent, and tinted windows will not prevent thieves from seeing your belongings.
  • Keep a copy of your registration and insurance in safe (local) place.
  • Back up your documents on a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. That way, if your laptop is ever stolen, you will not lose your work.
  • If you see any suspicious activity, contact UCPD immediately when you feel safe to do so by calling 9-1-1 or, if you cannot make a call, using the tip feature on the Bearcat Guardian app.