Public Safety
UC Fire Prevention vehicle

Fire Prevention and Protection

The Fire Prevention Unit and Fire Protection Systems Unit make up the UC Fire Safety Division and are responsible for the inspection, maintenance and testing of all fire protection systems and alarms on UC campuses. Our team performs testing and maintenance as specified by the Ohio Fire Code. In partnership with UC Facilities Management, we work to ensure that all fire protection systems including fire sprinklers, standpipes, pull stations, smoke detectors, and kitchen hood extinguishment systems, are correctly operating, tested, and maintained 24/365.

Prevention Unit

Fire Prevention personnel inspect all campus buildings and facilities to ensure compliance with fire and life safety codes, as well as to provide training and education for students, faculty, and staff at UC. Fire Prevention personnel have many responsibilities including the following:

  • Liaison between UC and local, state, and federal government agencies to correct fire code violations and to address potential life safety issues.
  • Reviews plans for all new construction and renovation to ensure fire safety code compliance.
  • Conduct fire safety training and building evacuation drills.
  • Respond to campus emergencies to help mitigate property loss and to minimize business operations disruptions as well as supporting community partners with life safety efforts.¬†

Protection Systems Unit

Technicians in the Protection Systems Unit oversee the testing, maintenance, and repair of over 25,000 fire alarm devices located throughout the University of Cincinnati as specified by the Ohio Fire Code and the National Fire Prevention Association code (NFPA72). The fire alarm system also serves as the backbone of UC's Emergency Alert System, which is used to provide voice warnings and instructions throughout our buildings in an emergency.


Fire Alarm Repairs 

Fire Prevention Office

Fire Protection Office