Public Safety
This is a graphic that says "Mind What Matters." "Watch it. Hide it. Lock it. Look around. Listen in. Buddy up."

Mind What Matters

Two of the most common crimes on the University of Cincinnati campus are theft and burglary, which tend to increase at the beginning of the school year as students return to campus.

The University of Cincinnati Public Safety Department works hard to protect our students, faculty and staff, however, you can take simple steps to reduce your risk. Please see the information below.

Do not leave your belongings unattended

It only takes a moment for someone to steal your laptop when you step away to go to the restroom or to grab your cell phone when your back is turned. Always take all your belongings with you when you go somewhere else and never turn away from your belongings.

Do not leave your valuables in plain view

If you plan to leave any items in your vehicle, even a phone charger or loose change, hide the items before you get to your destination. If you live on the ground floor, or your window is easily visible, do not leave expensive items in view.

Lock before you leave

Never leave your car, office, house, apartment or dorm room unlocked for any length of time. Running inside from your car to grab something? Turn off and lock your car. Want to warm up your car in the winter? Stay inside while it warms up, don't leave it unoccupied and running. Walking down the hall to the restroom? Lock your office or dorm room. It doesn't take long for a thief to sneak in and out of a room.

Pay attention

Being aware of your surroundings can make a difference. Do not walk with your headphones in both ears or while focused on your cell phone, and walk in groups whenever possible. Utilize resources such as NightRide for a safe, nighttime shuttle service and Bearcat Guardian for the safety timer, chat feature and more.