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Safety FAQ

Safety Matters: Fast Facts for You

The University of Cincinnati is committed to providing a safe and secure community for our students, employees and visitors. The following FAQs are meant to provide general information on how the University seeks to maintain safety on the Uptown Campus. These FAQs offer only a snapshot of efforts to keep campus safe as well as available resources. 

Important Public Safety Phone Numbers You May Contact 24/7/365

  • In any emergency situation, immediately dial 9-1-1.
  • UCPD non-emergency: (513) 556-1111
  • Cincinnati Police Department, non-emergency: (513) 765-1212

How UC and Cincinnati Police Partner and Collaborate

How does UC work with the City of Cincinnati to improve safety off campus? 

UC and the City of Cincinnati work in partnership based on a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”).

The MOU acknowledges the need for the two institutions to work together to ensure the safety and well-being of UC students, employees and visitors. The MOU permits UCPD to patrol particular areas around the Uptown Campus where many students reside and to work closely with the Cincinnati Police Department (“CPD”) to respond to crime. UCPD and CPD also meet regularly to discuss crime trends and ways to address any emerging trends or developments. The two departments also jointly walk through the neighborhoods by uptown that house many UC students to speak with them about safety and prevention.  

What area does UCPD patrol? What does the Cincinnati Police Department patrol? 

UCPD patrols both on and off campus 24/7/365. Patrols occur frequently during all shifts. For on-campus patrols, UCPD is the primary agency for patrolling and responding to incidents.

For off-campus patrols, UCPD and the Cincinnati Police Department (“CPD”) work in partnership pursuant to their Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). The MOU permits UCPD to patrol a specified off-campus area that contains a high concentration of student housing. While CPD still maintains primary jurisdiction and responsibility for responding to off-campus incidents, UCPD may assist with incidents, when requested by CPD.  

UC also regularly contracts with the City of Cincinnati to ensure that there is an increased number of CPD officers in the area depending upon the need to respond to varying crime trends and community activities.

Who do I contact if I want to voice a safety concern, make a suggestion or ask a question?  

UC’s Department of Public Safety encourages direct communication. We are here to talk to you 24/7. Here are some of the ways we can be reached:

  • UCPD’s non-emergency number: (513) 556-1111.
  • Visit UCPD in person at UC’s Uptown Campus: Edwards Center III, 51 W. Corry Blvd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221. 
  • Bearcat Guardian: Use the chat feature in the Bearcat Guardian campus safety app to immediately connect with a dispatcher. 
  • Email:


Ensuring a safe, secure living and learning environment on and around campus is our highest priority. Our residence communities have all the safety features you would expect, including full fire protection systems and 24-hour secured facilities. The front doors to each hall are locked and residents are responsible for checking in guests and escorting them at all times. 

See more on the Housing website.

What UC staff and services are on hand in UC-managed housing, both University-owned and block leases?

University-managed housing, whether UC-owned or UC-leased, has similar safety practices. 

These include:

  • Exterior doors locked and secured 24/7 by either electronic or mechanical security system, requiring a resident swipe to enter.
  • All individual units and bedrooms within those units are uniquely keyed. 
  • Full-time staff are present during the day, including a community coordinator. 
  • After business hours, all communities maintain Resident Education & Development staff support in the form of on-call resident assistants as well as residential advisors living within the facilities.
  • Ongoing training provided to students on necessary practices, including:
    • Don’t hold doors open for people you don’t know.
    • Never prop doors open.
    • Do not let people you do not know into your space unless they are properly identified.
    • Report concerns or suspicious activity to University staff.

Sexual Assault

What information do students receive in terms of education regarding sexual assault prevention? 

The University requires first-year and new students to take online training on topics like sexual assault prevention, information on consent, bystander training, mental health well-being, healthy relationships and alcohol and drug use.  

New incoming first-year and transfer students are not permitted to join any club, organization, or involvement opportunity until all trainings are completed.

Undergraduate students are required to repeat sexual assault prevention training when they reach junior status. 

Does UC offer support and resources for students who have experienced sexual assault? 

An array of resources are offered through UC’s Office of Equal Opportunity, the Department of Public Safety and others. Please see more on the Office of Equal Opportunity webpage.

How can a member of the campus community report a need or concern to the Office of Equal Opportunity? 

Any person may make a report in person, by mail, by telephone, by electronic email, or by electronic submission.   
Office of Equal Opportunity 
225 Calhoun St., USquare 308 
P.O. Box 210158 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0158 
Electronic Submission Form

Find out more on the Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact home page.

Does UC have resources to provide students help in navigating the criminal justice system? 

UCPD has a Victim Services Coordinator who is responsible for helping crime victims and witnesses understand their rights by providing guidance and support in navigating the criminal justice system. The Victim Services Coordinator also provides assistance in accessing other resources provided by the University and wider community. 

Gatherings and Parties

What is the City of Cincinnati and UC doing to curb unruly parties in neighborhoods around the Uptown Campus? 

Off-campus gatherings or parties take place within the jurisdiction of the City of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Police Department (“CPD”). Nevertheless, UC seeks to partner to promote safer, responsible gatherings and to curb large street gatherings. UCPD, Student Affairs and others have and continue to work closely with the City of Cincinnati. Efforts have included a “Good Neighbor” campaign led by Students Affairs, distribution of flyers to students living in the community outlining UC’s Student Code of Conduct, city efforts to contact landlords, and increased CPD patrol presence.

Transportation, Parking and Pedestrian Safety

What measures are in place to foster pedestrian safety?  

The City of Cincinnati maintains jurisdiction on the streets surrounding the Uptown Campus, but UCPD seeks to partner with the Cincinnati Police Department on high-visibility patrols at key points around the campus border.

Additionally, the City of Cincinnati has made road safety improvements around campus and continues to work with UC to implement additional physical upgrades at crosswalks around campus. UC has also made efforts to evaluate the safety of its internal roads and has taken steps to slow down traffic.

What UC transportation is available to UC students? 

UC’s shuttle service operates on continuous loops around the Uptown Campus and UC-managed housing, including block leases, on various routes as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 2 a.m. The service is free to students.

What other safety resources are available related to traveling in the vicinity of the Uptown Campus? 

The Bearcat Guardian App is also available to members of the UC community. It allows a designated “Guardian” to track an individual’s travel and on-time arrival at a destination. The app user can select anyone with a cell phone in their contact list (or UCPD) to be designated as their “Guardian,” who will be sent a link via text message asking them to keep an eye on the user while the user is in transit to their destination. The Guardian will then be notified if the user does not turn off their safety timer upon arrival.

App users can also chat in real time with a dispatcher via the app. The app also has an emergency call button that allows users to share their location with UCPD dispatch.

Blue help phones are placed around campus and in campus garages. The phones connect with dispatchers in UCPD’s Communications Center. These phones can be used for emergency or non-emergency needs.

What security measures are in place in UC garages? 

UCPD regularly patrols campus parking garages, and these patrols are regularly adjusted based on up-to-date crime data analysis.

Blue help phones placed throughout garages connect with dispatchers in UCPD’s Communications Center.  

UCPD and Parking Services regularly post signage reminding motorists of easy ways to reduce the risk of auto break-ins and thefts. This information is also posted on Public Safety’s website and shared via digital means.

More Safety Resources