Public Safety

Safety Notifications

Creating a Safe and Informed Community

In an effort to keep members of the UC community apprised of campus safety related news and events, the Department of Public Safety uses the university email system and Rave Alert, an emergency mass notification system. Users can sign up to receive text message and email with emergency information that may impact UC campuses and nearby areas depending upon the nature of an emergency or event. Please see below for information on enrollment.

The department sends Clery notifications via email to current UC students and employees. Those emails include "UC Aware" messages, which provide advisory information about a non-immediate risk situation, and "UC Safety Alert" messages, which provide timely information about an ongoing situation. A detailed explanation of the types of alerts is available in the section below.

When an event is currently occuring and imminently threatening the campus, Public Safety will send out an emergency notification via text message, email, website, electronic signage board, Twitter (@UCPublicSafety) and audio system.

The university's emergency plans and emergency procedures are available online.

UC students, faculty and staff are auto-enrolled in Rave Alert via the Catalyst and UC Directory systems. Those outside of the university, including parents of current students, can sign up per the directions below.

In addition, those who use the Bearcat Guardian app can receive safety notifications through the app.

This table provides an explanation of the various alert categories UC Public Safety uses.
  Timely Warning (UC Safety Alert) Emergency Notification UC Aware
Scope Narrow focus on Clery Act Crimes Wide focus on any significant emergency or dangerous situation (may include Clery Act Crimes) Wide focus, at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety
Why Triggered by crimes that have already occurred but represent an ongoing threat. Issues a UC Safety Alert for any Clery Act crime committed in the UC Clery geography that is reported to a Campus Security Authority or a local law enforcement agency that is considered to, by the Chief of Police, to represent a continuing threat to students and employees Triggered by an event that is currently occurring or imminently threatening the campus. The Department of Public Safety initiates the Emergency Notification for any significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on the campus involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students and emloyees Triggered by crimes that do not rise to the level of causing a serious or continuing threat to the campus but are still a safety concern
Where Within the Clery geography On or near campus On or near campus
When Issuedas soon as pertinent information is available Initiated immediately uponconfirmation that a dangerous situation/emergency exists or threatens As needed
How By sending a mass email to all students and employees By phone, text, email, website, electronic signange board, social media, audio system By sending a mass email to all students and employees

If you are not a student, faculty or staff, go to Rave's website and click "register" to sign up for alerts. Students are automatically enrolled as long as they have a cell phone number in their Catalyst account. Students who believe they should be enrolled but are not receiving messages can find more information on the IT@UC Knowledge Base. Faculty and staff must check yes in their directory account to enroll in alerts, more details regarding this can also be found on the IT@UC Knowledge Base.