Public Safety

Special Events FAQ

What is a "special event?"

A special event can be defined as a comedy show, a concert, a dance, a football game, a picnic, etc. In other words, a special event can be considered as any type of function on campus that is not considered part of the academic programs.

I would like to have a special event. Where do I start?

The first step is to contact Conference & Event Services at 513-558-1810 to reserve the room or area in which you want to have your event. If you wish to hold an event in Kresge Auditorium, call 513-558-4186.

Who decides if security is needed for an event?

Guidelines for security were developed by the Use of Facility Committee with representation from areas of Campus Life. However, the final decision resides with Public Safety based upon the type of event being planned.

If I am planning a budget, could I get an estimated cost for security?

An estimate can be calculated for you based on the answers to the questions regarding the type of event and time frame in which the event will be held. Please use our online Cost Estimate Form.

If I must cancel an event, what should I do?

Contact Conference & Event Services as soon as you know your event will be cancelled. If notice is received less than 24 hours before the event is scheduled, some security costs may be incurred.

Are there other departments that I need to contact when planning an event?

There may be other departments that need contacting. However, Conference & Event Services personnel will assist you with electrical, grounds, housekeeping, fire safety and equipment needs.

If you are unsure of what you need, contact Conference & Event Services or the Public Safety Special Events Coordinator (513-556-4923). One of these resources should be able to direct you.

Why is police or security necessary?

The police and security officers are assigned to events for reasons including the following:

  • To enforce the rules and regulations of the University of Cincinnati;
  • To enforce the laws of the state of Ohio;
  • To insure that your event is not interrupted or disrupted by outside groups or persons;
  • To assist with any needs you may have to make your event successful;
  • To provide immediate assistance in case of any emergency.

Many items are banned from entering arenas, etc. Is it the same at UC events?

Yes, many items are banned from events. We perform package checking when entering Nippert Stadium, Fifth Third Arena or other facilities on campus. Items such as coolers, backpacks and canned gases will not be permitted into the venues. A comprehensive list of prohibited items can be provided if needed.