Public Safety


Headshot of John Andrew West

John Andrew West

CCC Chairman

Retired Judge for Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas

Headshot of Dr. P. Eric Abercrumbie

Dr. P. Eric Abercrumbie

Executive Director, Diversity & Community Relations

Headshot of Gregory Baker

Gregory Baker

Former Director of Police Community Relations, UCPD

Headshot of Brandon Boseman

Brandon Boseman

Representative, United Black Student Association

Headshot of Yasmin Chilton

Yasmin Chilton

African American Alumni Affiliate

Headshot of Kenneth Davis, Jr.

Kenneth Davis, Jr.

Professor, College of Medicine

Headshot of Mike Ealy

Mike Ealy

Principal, Managing Member and CEO, Nassau Investments

Headshot of Robin S. Engel, Ph.D.

Robin S. Engel, Ph.D.

Professor, Criminal Justice

Headshot of Margaret A. Fox

Margaret A. Fox

Executive Director, MARCC

Headshot of Bishop Bobby Hilton

Bishop Bobby Hilton

Senior Pastor, Word of Deliverance Ministries for the Word

Headshot of Chara Fisher Jackson

Chara Fisher Jackson

Executive Director, Greater Cincinnati Urban League

Headshot of Jack Martin

Jack Martin

CUF Neighborhood Association

Headshot of Kennerly Newlin

Kennerly Newlin

Police Officer, University of Cincinnati Police Division

Headshot of Chandler Rankin

Chandler Rankin

Representative, Student Government

Headshot of Pastor Kazava (KZ) Smith

Pastor Kazava (KZ) Smith

Senior Pastor, Corinthian Baptist Church of Cincinnati

Headshot of Pastor Ennis F. Tait

Pastor Ennis F. Tait

Overseer, Church of the Living God

Headshot of Teresa Theetge

Teresa Theetge

Lt. Colonel, Cincinnati Police Department

Headshot of Charlene Ventura

Charlene Ventura

Retired CEO, YWCA

University of Cincinnati Representatives

Headshot of Maris Herold

Maris Herold

Police Chief, UC Police Division

Headshot of Bleuzette Marshall

Bleuzette Marshall

Vice President, Equity & Inclusion

Headshot of Jim Whalen

Jim Whalen

Director, Public Safety