Public Safety

Mission, Vision and Values

The University of Cincinnati Police Division upholds the vision, mission and principles listed below.

Vision Statement

Be a preeminent leader in urban campus policing, grounded in core principles and driven by innovative solutions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the UCPD is to maintain a safe and secure campus environment, where the pursuit of academic excellence can prosper. We provide service with compassion; treat everyone, including ourselves, with dignity and respect; and work collaboratively to solve problems. We enforce the law with fairness and impartiality. We value a diverse and inclusive work environment. We support our personnel and invest heavily in our training and education to enhance the quality of service we provide. We make decisions that are moral, constitutional, and respectful of individual rights and community interests.

Core Principles

In all things and in all ways, we strive to uphold the following core principles of policing:
  • Transparency. We work to build trust with our community through transparency in our actions. We are open in our dealings with our community, while maintaining confidentiality when it is required. We routinely and openly share information and educate our community regarding patterns of crime and disorder, and crime prevention methods.
  • Legitimacy. We work to build trust with our community through legitimacy in our actions. We strive to represent the diverse population we serve, and create a culture of excellence through equity and inclusion. We perform our duties to the best of our abilities, and strive to be judicious in our behaviors. We aspire to maintain integrity in all that we do. We provide leadership and strength to our community, especially in times of crisis.
  • Fairness. We work to provide quality service through fairness and impartiality in our decision-making. We pledge to treat all people with dignity and respect, and make decisions based on the application of legal principles, facts of an incident, and input from all parties involved, regardless of individuals' race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship status, or other differences.
  • Collaboration. We work to build partnerships in our community by engaging in collaboration. We involve others in our problem solving practices, and create a culture of shared responsibility for public safety. We seek feedback regarding our performance and impact on others in our community, recognizing that community involvement is essential for effective policing.
  • Innovation. We work to enhance our efforts by embracing innovation in all its forms. We strive for continuous improvement by advancing our education, training and skills. We use evidence-based strategies, while continually monitoring and scientifically testing the effectiveness of our practices and outcomes. We provide state-of-the-art training and technology as a foundation for problem solving and community policing. We are inspired by, and dedicated to, advancing our agency through creativity and innovation.
  • Accountability. We work to build trust with our community by holding ourselves accountable for our actions. We adhere to the law and departmental policies, and are receptive to guidance from our supervisors and managers. We strive to maintain professionalism and integrity, and when we fall short, we take immediate corrective action. We include oversight in our accountability mechanisms from our community, noting that outside perspectives are valuable and important.