Public Safety

Community Compliance Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) was initially created in October 2015 by the University of Cincinnati’s Office for Safety and Reform to provide community input and guidance regarding reform efforts of the University of Cincinnati Police Division (UCPD). Chaired by prominent community leader, the Honorable Judge John A. West, representatives of this group also included: UC students, faculty, staff and alumni; neighborhood community groups; civic, faith and business leaders; and law enforcement officials. Following the completion of numerous police reforms, in January 2019 the CAC was renamed the Community Compliance Council (CCC). The diverse membership of the CCC will continue to promote diversity of thought and information exchange. The role of the CCC, however, has transitioned from advisory to compliance. As such, the CCC will perform the following activities:

  1. Review summary information on use of force incidents and investigations to determine compliance with UCPD policies and review the work of the UCPD Use of Force Review Board when convened.
  2. Review summary information of the internal investigations and complaint review process to determine compliance with UCPD policies.
  3. Monitor notable UCPD activities to ensure continued compliance with the policies and procedures set forth as part of the larger reform work of the UCPD.
  4. Provide community perspectives and insight to the UCPD Chief of Police on matters related to enforcement patterns, community engagement, recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, etc.