Public Safety



Confidence in policing is based on transparency. All reform efforts, along with the policies, procedures and practices within the UCPD must be able to withstand public scrutiny. The CCC will ensure that all reform efforts will be transparent, with full openness and accountability to the public. This transparency will be modeled in all CCC processes, along with a comprehensive review of the UCPD. Information regarding the CCC and UCPD will be made available to the public.


Legitimacy is the foundation of policing in our society. The CCC will work to help reestablish community trust and confidence in the UCPD. The UCPD will treat all citizens with dignity and politeness, and respect the constitutional rights of all. The CCC recognizes that this is a goal which will be achieved over time through continual effort and community outreach.


It is of the utmost importance the UCPD practices are equitable. The CCC will strive to ensure that the policies, procedures, practices and training of the UCPD will be fair and impartial. The UCPD will be held to a standard in which policing is based on applied legal principles, facts of an incident, and input from all involved during a police-citizen encounter, regardless of individuals' race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship status, disabilities or other differences.


The CCC will strive to be collaborative in nature, bringing a collective external voice to the UCPD reform efforts. Based on the diversity of experiences of its membership, the CCC will promote diversity of thought, ideas and information exchange. The CCC is comprised of civic leaders, community residents, faith leaders, corporate leaders and law enforcement officials, as well as UC faculty, staff, students and alumni.


The CCC will identify the work necessary for the UCPD to reach its goal to become a national model for urban-university policing. Creating a national model will require more than reform - it will require innovation. The UCPD will be encouraged to use evidence-based practices, consistently measure outcomes, and make adjustments accordingly. The CCC will provide valuable input concerning how to continue to strengthen UCPD's relationship with the community, while continuing to innovate and create new methods to advance effective, efficient and equitable policing.