Public Safety


The Office of Safety and Reform, led by renowned criminal justice researcher Dr. Robin S. Engel, manages the Department of Public Safety and the reform efforts of the UC Police Division.

Created in 2015, following the officer-involved shooting of Samuel DuBose, the office seeks to increase trust, open communication and cooperation between the UCPD and members of the university and its neighboring communities, and to establish a culture of transparency, legitimacy, fairness, collaboration, inclusion, diversity and innovation within the UCPD. Ultimately, the office would like to transform the UCPD into a national model for excellence in urban university policing.

Vice President for Safety and Reform, Robin S. Engel, PhD, a world-renowned criminal justice researcher, was appointed to lead the reform efforts of the UCPD in August 2015. That same month, James L. Whalen, a former Lieutenant Colonel with the Cincinnati Police Department, joined as UC's Director of Public Safety and S. Gregory Baker, former Executive Director of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence, was hired as Director of Police Community Relations. Colonel Maris Herold, Police Chief, oversee the daily operations of the UCPD. Herold assists Engel, Whalen and Baker with the development and implementation of reform efforts.

The Office of Safety and Reform is responsible for:

  • Coordinating all investigations and reviews of the UC Police Division;
  • Ensuring UC Police engage in fair and impartial policing to rebuild community trust;
  • Enhancing the legitimacy of UCPD policing practices;
  • Coordinating the Safety and Reform Community Advisory Council;
  • And improving diversity and equity within the UCPD.