Public Safety

Be A Good Neighbor

If you are renting a residence off-campus, it is important to remember that your neighbors may not also be students. The area around campus consists of both student renters and long-term residents. The recommendations below can assist in creating a good relationship between you and your neighbors.

  • Communicate. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and start a texting group with them.
  • Know your landlord and how to reach them.
  • Keep the noise down. The later it gets, the quieter you should be, especially if you are spending time outside.
  • Take ownership of your property. Pick up trash in your car, and keep your yard clean. Cut your grass, and maintain your landscaping.
  • Stay safe during the pandemic. Wear your mask when you are unable to social distance from others. Do not hold large social gatherings.
  • If you have a car, park it only where you are legally allowed to. Do not block someone‚Äôs driveway, and make sure your car will not be in the way of others driving on the street.
  • Clean up after your pets. Keep bags with you on walks, and clean up pet waste in your yard.

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