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Victim Services

The Crime Victim Services Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the rights of crime victims and witnesses by providing guidance and support as they navigate the criminal justice system and helping them access available resources provided by the university and Greater Cincinnati community.

UC's Crime Victim Services Coordinator can:

  • Assist with making police reports
  • Educate on victim rights and options
  • Assist in filing for Orders of Protection through the courts in stalking, sexual assault and dating violence cases
  • Accompany victim to court and meetings with police and prosecutors
  • Provide transportation to court
  • Help victims navigate through the criminal justice system
  • Work with victims to assess needs, make connections and make referrals to the appropriate resources
  • Assist in filing for victim's compensation
  • Crisis intervention and safety planning
  • Provide notifications of court proceedings and updates on cases
  • Provide notifications to instructors when the victim must miss class due to a criminal incident

You have the right to

  • Be treated with fairness, dignity and respect
  • Receive information on your rights
  • Designate a representative and have them present with you
  • Receive contact information about the criminal investigation
  • Be notified when a suspect has been arrested, released or escaped before trial and sentencing
  • Have property returned when reasonable
  • Talk with the prosecutor
  • Be free from intimidation
  • Be notified about and participate in hearings any time the defendant is required to be present
  • Make a victim impact statement at sentencing
  • Participate in criminal proceedings without jeopardizing employment
  • Be given information after sentencing and provide input about parole status
  • Obtain support, advocacy and referrals
  • Receive information about financial compensation through the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program

For a full list of victim’s rights, see the Ohio Revised Code 2930. Some rights must be requested by the victim.

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UC Domestic Violence and Protection Order Clinic/Legal Aid

Cincinnati Police
911 or 513-765-1212 (Non-emergency)

City of Cincinnati Prosecutor

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Women Helping Women (24 hour hotline)

Talbert House (24 hour hotline)
513-281-CARE (2273)

YWCA of Greater Cincinnati

Ohio Statewide VINE
(Victim Information & Notification Everyday)
1-800-770-0792 |

Ohio Victim Compensation

Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center
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Jennifer Rowe

Crime Victim Services Coordinator

51 W. Corry Blvd., Cincinnati, OH 45221