Public Safety


Headshot of James Whalen

James Whalen

Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police

Headshot of Dudley Smith

Dudley Smith

Assistant Chief


Headshot of Rodney Carter

Rodney Carter

Captain, Field Operations Bureau

Headshot of Dave Hoffman

Dave Hoffman

Captain, Support Services Bureau

Headshot of Jeffrey Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson

Captain, Standards & Strategic Development Bureau


Headshot of Timothy Barge

Timothy Barge

Lieutenant, Inspections

Headshot of David Brinker

David Brinker

Lieutenant, Criminal Investigations and Community Engagement

Headshot of Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott

Lieutenant, Special Events, Citizen Complaints and Internal Investigations

Headshot of Robert Gutierrez

Robert Gutierrez

Lieutenant, Regional Campuses

Headshot of Brian McKeel

Brian McKeel

Lieutenant, Operations

Headshot of Jennifer McMahon

Jennifer McMahon

Lieutenant, Operations

Headshot of William Richey

William Richey

Lieutenant, Training

Headshot of Mark Zacharias

Mark Zacharias

Lieutenant, Operations


Headshot of Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin

Sergeant, Operations

Headshot of Clifford Maxwell

Clifford Maxwell

Sergeant, Operations

Headshot of Jason Reeme

Jason Reeme

Sergeant, Operations

Headshot of David Waksmundski

David Waksmundski

Sergeant, Operations

Headshot of Eric Weibel

Eric Weibel

Sergeant, Criminal Investigations

Headshot of Thomas Wiehe

Thomas Wiehe

Sergeant, Operations


Headshot of Lauren Bycynski

Lauren Bycynski

Community Safety Manager, NightRide


Headshot of Jill Schmidt

Jill Schmidt

Manager, Emergency Communications