Printing Services has created these resources to help answer your questions about using the Print Order Desk, our services and products. If you don't find the answer you seek, contact a member of our staff.


Business Cards

This section includes templates that will enable you to order business cards for any employee at your site. Depending upon the site you chose during registration, you will be able to view and/or order all the business card options for your institution (UC or UC Health).

Letterhead & Envelopes

This is where you will find all your stationery needs. Like the Business Card section, this selection will allow you to view and order letterhead and envelopes for your institution (UC or UC Health). If Printing Services already has your stationery on file, there is an option for just entering a reprint by simply submitting the quantity rather than filling out a new order form.

Mail Projects

Here you will find a form that allows the description of your bulk, or first-class mail project. The form is then submitted to Printing Services for processing. There are also a few helpful links to the USPS website where you can get guidelines on how best to prepare your mailing.

Print Orders

This section contains all print order categories offered by our four service locations, including digital printing, offset printing and wide format printing.


In the Store, you will find an assortment of ready-to-go items, including pre-printed forms, notepads and envelopes, all of which are once again grouped relative to your chosen site.

The Store is also the place in which you can order reams or cases of paper for your departmental printer or copier.

Once you complete the order form, a confirmation page will be displayed. You will also receive an email confirmation, which will contain your order confirmation number and the order summary.

Yes, after you have entered all the details of your order, you will arrive at a page that gives you an estimate of the cost, and you will have the option to either Submit the order, or Save As Quote.

When your order has been saved as a quote, you can come back later, and find it in My Orders to either Cancel or Submit the order. Please note that the estimate received at the end of the order/quote process is only an initial estimate. Some charges may need to be added by our staff, based upon your finishing and delivery choices. When this happens, notification will be sent within 24 hours by a member of our staff with a revised estimate.

From the PDS Print Order Desk home page, you can select My Orders from the red menu bar at the top of the page. A list of all your orders will be displayed, with the current status on the far right of each line in the list. There is also a link labeled View which allows you to look at the order details. The order number from your confirmation email will help you locate the order you’re looking for.

An existing order can only be edited if it was submitted as Quote Only. If your order was submitted as a standard order, contact a member of the PDS staff to make edits.

Your complete order history will be saved with your profile. If you have a recurring order, or one that is very similar with minor changes, you can resubmit this order by selecting My Orders from the red menu bar on the Print Order Desk home page.

Find the order you want to resubmit from the list of jobs and click the View link on the far right of the row. On the Order Detail page, click the Copy Order button at the upper left. Your order will be copied, assigned a new order number, and you will be able to edit any details that are different from the original order. When all your edits have been completed, click the Save button.

Once an order has been submitted, it is no longer editable by the client. If you need to add a file, or make other changes to an existing submitted order, contact a member of the PDS staff, and they can help you.

Each order can contain as many files as needed for that particular job, assuming the quantity and finishing options indicated are the same for each file. Special instructions will be helpful for notifying whether the files can be collated together as a set, or if they should be sorted separately.

However, if you have multiple files that will need different quantities and/or different finishing options (e.g., one-sided/two-sided; stapled/not stapled; folded/not folded), but the jobs are all related, you can create a Project, which will allow you to group multiple orders together. When you have reached the end of your first order, on the Order Process Complete page you will see a blue button enabling you to Add Another Print Order to this Project. Clicking the button will begin a second order form which will be grouped with the original order in a Project. You can add as many orders as necessary to each Project.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact a member of our PDS staff.