Student Code of Conduct Review Process

Student Conduct & Community Standards is engaging in a review of our Student Code of Conduct pursuant to University Rule 3361:40-5-03. We are actively seeking propals for modifications, additions or removals to sections of the Student Code of Conduct as a part of this process. To submit a proposal for consideration by the review committee, please fill out the 'Proposal for Update to the Student Code of Conduct' form below. We are also offering the opportunity to provide comments on proposals that other community members have submitted. Proposals will be updated on this page regularly. Please use the 'Community Comment on Submitted Proposals' form for this purpose.

Student Code of Conduct Review Committee

The first meeting of the review committee will take place on Thursday April 11th at 3:00PM in 745 Steger Student Life Center. All review committee meetings are open.

The Student Code of Conduct Review Committee for the 2020 review cycle consisted of the following representatives:

  • Andi Dorning,  Undergraduate Student
  • Aashka Raval,  Undergraduate Student
  • Vacant,  Graduate Student
  • Mohan Pillai, Graduate Student
  • Amberly Maryo, DAAP, Staff
  • Ric Stackpole, UC Clermont, Staff
  • Debbie Page, UC Blue Ash, Faculty
  • Lisa Beckelhimer, English, Faculty
  • Kim Fulbright, University Ombuds
  • Aniesha Mitchell, Student Conduct and Community Standards 

Student Code of Conduct Feedback

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for a modification, addition, or removal to a portion of the Student Code of Conduct. Please note that only proposals that specifically address recommendations for an actionable modification, addition, or removal will be considered by the review committee and published on the website.

Information Presented to the Board of Trustees

You can review the PowerPoint presentation presented to the Board of Trustees here. You can also review the executive summary of the changes to the code here. The rationale for the changes and the vote tallies for this review cycle can be found here. Lastly, you can access the draft of the changes presented at this link (this draft includes a markup of the changes to the Student Code of Conduct). 

If you have questions regarding the changes to the Student Code of Conduct, please reach out to our office by emailing or calling 513-556-6814.

Please feel free to review proposals submitted by the community (including Academic Misconduct), and provide your own feedback on it via the form below. New proposals and feedback on these will be uploaded on the Friday after submitted.