Be a Good Neighbor

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The Bearcat experience is woven into the city of Cincinnati. Many UC students live, work, and engage in the neighborhoods surrounding our campus. In the true Bearcat spirit, our community matters to us. We're good neighbors. We take the following steps to create a positive living environment for ourselves and those next door. 

Get to know your neighbors.

Introduce yourself and get to know your neighbors. Check-in with them when you see them. Exchange contact information so you can reach each other when needed.

Lower the volume.

Let your neighbors know if you are planning a party. Move your gathering to the backyard to reduce noise. Encourage them to reach out to you if it’s getting too loud or disruptive.

Clean up.

Keep your yard free of litter. Take your trash out on collection day and bring the empty bin in as soon as you can. Items that don't fit in a trash bin should be scheduled for bulk pick-up.

Help your neighbors.

Build positive relationships with neighbors by lending a hand. Offer to help with shoveling snow, yard work, and more.

Know the expectations.

Review the Student Code of Conduct to better understand how off-campus violations can impact your student status. Also, become familiar with city ordinances to ensure you do not receive fines or violate the law.

If you have any questions about the "Be a Good Neighbor" campaign or related campus policies and city ordinances, please reach out to the Dean of Students at