Graduation and commissioning were your first steps into the Army life. However, no matter how far you travel from the Queen City, you’ll always be a member of the Bearcat Battalion family. Our goal is to facilitate interaction between UC’s Army ROTC alumni and the cadets, students and the veteran of the UC community. 

We are continually updating our alumni list. Whether you are on Active Duty, Army Reserve, National Guard or Civilian, please contact us and provide your contact information and any stories of interest. If you are not currently on our email or mailing list, please fill out and submit an Alumni Information form. You'll receive The Bearcat, our semi-annual newsletter, as well as invitations to events such as our annual military appreciation football and baseball games and other Bearcat Battalion events. We’ll work to include your updates and stories in the newsletter to keep others informed of where you are and what you’re doing.

Give Back to UC Army ROTC

Army ROTC has been an integral part of the University of Cincinnati since 1919 when it replaced the Student Army Training Corps, formed in 1917. Since then, we’ve commissioned more than 2000 lieutenants. Many have gone on to serve with great honor and distinction. As the program continues to grow, the growth has not been met with a substantial growth in the operating budget. Many of the events we encourage the Cadets to participate in are funded out-of-pocket (i.e., Norwegian Foot March; Mountain Man Memorial March; USMA 1/2-Marathon; Army Ten Miler; Bearcat Rifles (formerly Pershing Rifles); etc.).

In order to continue producing quality officers for today's Army, and to maintain and enhance the quality of our program and facilities in the coming years, UC Army ROTC must rely on support above and beyond what the university and Cadet Command provide. The primary beneficiaries of any contribution are the Bearcat Cadets. More specifically, your contribution will be used to fund Cadet training, scholarships, and facilities improvements. This includes the purchase of the best equipment and training materials available, room and board scholarships for deserving Cadets and improvements to the Cadet lounge, computer lab and command office. Your tax-deductible donation will have an immediate impact on our students.