Student Activities & Leadership Development has multiple ways that you can get funding for your student organization. Funding sources are dependent on a number of requirements and guidelines. Regardless of what you are looking for, we are here to help your organization accomplish its goals!

University Funding Board (UFB) allocates a portion of the general fee money to the undergraduate organizations that promote interaction and awareness through programs and conferences. UFB funding is broken into two types, Academic Intercollegiate Competition (AIC) and Registered Student Organizations (RSO). For more information on UFB funding and to review the requirements go to the UFB web page or the UFB CampusLINK page.

A Club Sport is defined as a registered student organization that exists to promote and develop an interest in a particular sport or physical activity while also building valuable leadership skills. Club Sports are funded through a yearly allocation process in the Spring semester. For more information on Club Sports funding, visit the Club Sports CampusLINK page

Fundraising events can be a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your organization and encourage financial contributions. Information on the University of Cincinnati’s fundraising policies and fundraising opportunities can be found in the Student Organization Fundraising Guide

On-Campus Spending

All eligible Registered Student Organizations can request University Funding Board (UFB) funding through their CampusLINK accounts. Organizations can view their operating fund and approved budget allocations within the Finance tab on their CampusLINK page. You can find more information about organization eligibility and the UFB process on the UFB Website

Off-Campus Bank Account

All student organizations that have completed RESET are eligible to open an off-campus bank account. This is especially important for organizations that are fundraising or charging dues so that they can manage and track their money properly. 

Though it is not required, University of Cincinnati has a relationship with PNC Bank and suggests that all student organizations use the PNC Bank branch located in Tangemen University Center (TUC). For more information on opening an off-campus bank account review the Treasurer's Handbook as well as the Tax FAQ document regarding EIN and tax information.

You can find more information and resources for student organizations on the following CampusLINK pages: Student Activities and Leadership Development, Club SportsStudent Activities Board, University Funding Board.