Staff Senate

Request to Speak or Present

Thank you for your interest in being added to the Staff Senate agenda to speak or present!

Please complete the form below to submit your request, and note that Staff Senate meetings are open to the public and media may be in attendance.

  • Invited speakers should plan for 2-3 minute presentations, including 1-2 minutes for Q&A, for a total of 5 minutes per speaker. Unless a longer presentation is arranged in advance, this time limit will be strictly enforced to keep the Staff Senate meeting schedule on time. 

  • Speakers must provide a script of their remarks one week prior to the Staff Senate meeting for inclusion in the Staff Senate meeting minutes. Presentation scripts should be emailed to:

  • PowerPoint presentations are permitted, and should be branded appropriately. There are templates available at: All presentation materials must be submitted one week prior to the Staff Senate meeting via email to:

After your request is reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of Staff Senate with additional information and instructions. If you have additional questions, please contact


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