Campus Specific Merchandise

Are you a member of a club or college wishing to use the University brand in group-specific merchandise? There are a few pathways for this depending on payment method. If your group is using University funds (p-card, purchase order), you will need to follow the Internal Consumption pathway. If your group wishes to use personal funds, you may be able to follow the Graphic Cow pathway. These pathways are both noted on the Internal Request page. Colleges and registered student organizations (RSO’s) may be permitted to hold unique online pop-up stores featuring a select group of apparel with designs connected to their group/unit.


University Departments

University departments are not permitted to sell merchandise to fundraise. This includes merchandise with AND without institutional branding on it. This is due to not having a vending permit and the interference with the University's contract with Follett.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

RSOs are not permitted to sell items to raise funds due to the University's Sales and Solicitation Policy. Reasons include not being able to collect or report sales tax, not having a vending permit, and the interference with the University's contract with Follett. If your RSO is in need of funds and looking to raise funds, you should work with the Foundation.

Stores with Graphic Cow

If you represent either a University of Cincinnati college or registered student organization and are paying with personal funds (such as crowd funding), your group may be eligible for a sale with university licensee Graphic Cow. Please follow the steps below and submit a Graphic Cow Inquiry Form.

  1. Begin gathering information and ideas. Think about styles of apparel & designs for the apparel. New groups will typically be capped at either 1 or 2 items depending on group size. You should also have the following information: 
    1. Number of people in your group/organization
    2. Contact information for the Business Manager for the college or RSO
    3. Store marketing plan
    4. Timeline of the store opening
    5. Where you would like the items shipped (if not doing individual shipping)
    6. Idea for 1-2 products
      1.    Artwork must include 'University of Cincinnati' or the institutional lockup
      2. If RSO, RSO rules about use of brand apply
      3. The C-Paw is not allowed for use with Graphic Cow merchandise
      4. Non-apparel items are outside the scope of this program
  2. Fill out the Graphic Cow Inquiry Form (above).
  3. If you are a registered student organization, you will need to complete these three forms prior to use of the University's brand on any products.
  4. Once we have all of the information and approve your college/RSO's sale we will connect you with the team at Graphic Cow. Graphic Cow will help with the designs (if needed) and take care of setting up the entire store.
  5. While Graphic Cow is putting together your store, work on finalizing plans to market the store (social media, emails, etc.).
  6. Graphic Cow will send over a link to your store once they have received all licensing approval. Once you receive this link, you can begin promoting your store.
  7. If your group opted for bulk shipping, your group will need to organize and distribute items to purchasers once you receive them from Graphic Cow
  8. Graphic Cow can provide metrics for how well your sale went. Please take time to review how your sale and marketing efforts went. Successful sales (going beyond minimums) can help increase you item potential.