Student Organization Use of University Name, Brand, & Logos

The state of Ohio passed a new law regulating the right of registered student organizations to use a state university’s logo (R.C. 3345.141). This law went into effect on September 1, 2023. Under the new law, the board of trustees for state universities were required to choose between prohibiting registered student organizations from using the university’s logos or enacting a policy including specific provisions that would permit student organizations to use university logos.

On August 22, 2023, UC’s Board of Trustees voted to amend University Rule 40-03-01 to comply with the new state law so that registered student organizations could continue to use UC’s logos. Please see University Rule 40-03-01 to review the complete policy. 

What does my registered student organization need to do?

What this means for you is that if your student organization would like to use UC’s name, brand, or logos moving forward, the forms referenced and linked below will need to be completed and submitted on GetInvolvedUC by the student organization’s primary contact.

If your organization wishes to use the University name, brand, or logo, the primary contact must fill out the following forms on GetInvolvedUC.

The Center for Student Involvement posts copies of approved and disapproved logo request forms monthly on this website. If you need a copy of the request form in an alternate format, please contact

Registered Student Organizations whose requests to use the University logos are denied and submit an appeal will receive a report which will be posted monthly on the Center for Student Involvement Website.

Additionally, Registered Student Organizatios who improperly use a University logo will be processed pursuant to the student code of conduct,. Copies of the reports from the student code of conduct process will also be posted montly on the Center for Student Involvement Website.