Leadership Week

Leadership Week provides Bearcats an opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills. Throughout the week, there will be a variety of events that will explore different facets of leadership development. Whether you have lots of leadership experience or are just beginning your journey, we hope that you will attend one or more of the Leadership Week events.

Leadership Week is September 30-October 4, 2024. Full schedule details are below!

Affirming Boundaries Through Positionality |TUC 400B | 12:30pm-2:00pm                       RSVP

Join Keysha Alston, CAPS Counselor, in an interactive session where we explore who we are through the lens of positionality and use this information to explore what boundaries we want to enact in our lives. This presentation will make space for conversation with ourselves about what boundaries mean the most to us and how they intersect with the positions we hold. Participants will create an affirmation card that speaks to their reflection in the space.

Importance of Leadership Projects, Classes, and Networking in College | 400B | 11:00am-12:00PM                                                                                                                    RSVP                                                                                                              

In your future careers, leadership experience and development is crucial to have. In this informative session, learn about how the leadership major and classes that can set you apart from your future competition. You’ll hear about the various tracks, projects, internships, co-ops, networking, and engagement with alum association to provide you with the avenue to help you find the career you always dreamed of!                                                                       

Leaders Who Lunch: Creating Inclusive Social Change in Cincinnati |Lindner Hall 4330 | 12:00pm-1:00pm                                                                                                           RSVP

Join the Center for Community Engagement to learn about how to create inclusive social change within Cincinnati. We will begin by reviewing a brief history of racial violence and exclusion in Cincinnati, followed by a discussion about economic inequality and income mobility within Cincinnati, and how these factors influence the lived experience of many Cincinnatians today. We will then explore ways to make an impact in Cincinnati, primarily through the use of UC's volunteer portal: volunteer.uc.edu. Lunch from Chipotle will be provided!

Service Learning and Crucial Skills Provide for Student Leaders and Future Professionals |TUC 419 | 2:00pm-3:00pm                                                                           RSVP

Service-Learning classes and co-ops provide numerous transferrable skills for current and future professional classes. In this informational session, you will learn more about the opportunities to get involved with service on campus through co-ops, classes, volunteer hours, and projects. In addition to giving back, this provides great networking and internship opportunities for you.

Creating Safe & Supportive Organizations | TUC Cinema | 5:30pm-7:00pm              EVENT CANCELLED

During this program, participants will watch 45 Mill Street: The Collin Wiant Story to learn about hazing prevention.  Participants will then engage in guided discussion about how organizations at UC can prevent hazing and create safe and supportive environments for all members. Pizza will be provided!

Leader Identity Workshop: Finding the Leader in You |TUC 400A | 11:00am-12:00pm    RSVP

In this interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to identify what Warren Bennis called ‘crucible moments’ and reflect on how they shape your identity as a leader. You will also be able to identify ways you engage in leadership behaviors today — perhaps without even realizing it — and strategies for developing a stronger leader identity. 

Leadership Certificate Interest Session | TUC 419 | 10:00am-10:50am                      RSVP

Interested in diving into Leadership on a deeper level? Come learn how the Leadership Certificate through the Center for Student Involvement can fit into your current curriculum. Come join CSI staff to learn more about the certificate and how you can get started!