UC ESports innovation lab

What is an E-Sport organization?

E-Sports organizations are Registered Student Organizations (RSO) that seek to provide a safe and fun gaming environment for University of Cincinnati students to compete against other universities. The Competitive Organization staff acts as the main body of funding and communication while helping to facilitate intra-mural and inter-mural collegiate competition.

1. What are the requirements to participate in Esports? 

All students who wish to participate in a RSO at the University of Cincinnati must attain at least a 2.0 semester and cumulative grade point average.

2. What officers positions make up the Executive Board for Esports Leadership?

The Executive Board [consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Technical Media Manager, Publicity Manager, and Graphical Media Manager] is the governing body of UC Esports. They will execute policies regarding UC Esports and its Member Organizations and represent them to the public and the University. 

3. How do I get involved in joining an Esports organziation? 

Contact the Esports Organization that interests you; if you do not find a particular Esports organization offering of interest, contact the Center for Student Involvement. 

Forms to operate day-to-day Esports organziation operations

Forms to provide visiting teams during competitions/events/games/matches