Competitive Organizations

car built by competitive student organizations in front of Lindner College of Business

What is a Club Sports organization?

Club Sports organizations are a registered student organization (RSO) that promotes and develops interest in a particular sport or physical activity while building valuable leadership skills. The UC Club Sports Organizations provides a wide range of instructional, recreational, and competitive athletic opportunities, emphasizing student leadership, organization, and team management. The 43+ club sports organizations offer students a chance to be part of a team, run an organization, and represent University of Cincinnati while competing against and traveling to other universities. 

Find a list of all Club Sport organization that are currently offered at the UC-Main campus.

What is a E-Sport organization?

Esports organizations are registered student organizations (RSO) that seek to provide a safe and fun gaming environment for University of Cincinnati students to compete against other universities. The Competitive Organization staff acts as the main body of funding and communication while helping to facilitate intra-mural and inter-mural collegiate competition.

Find a list of all E-Sports Organization that are currently offered at the UC-Main campus.

What is an AIC organization?

An Academic Intercollegiate Competition (AIC) organization is defined as an organization that participates in valid academic (non-athletic) intercollegiate competitive events.

Find a list of all AIC Organization that are currently offered at the UC-Main campus.