GetInvolvedUC is like having an organization fair everyday!  GetInvolvedUC is an online community for UC students to discover opportunities to get involved on campus, join and manage student organizations, and see all campus events in one place!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a user, you have the power to manage how your name appears on GetInvolvedUC. Your campus has configured a default name for you based on the name provided to your Student Information System. If you need to change your first or last name, it’s always best to start this process in your student information system, as that system typically informs all other systems on campus. However, if for any reason you are not able to change your name in the Student Information System, GetInvolvedUC will also allow you to override the default name your campus has listed for you with a name of your own identification.

Changing Your Name

The first time you log into GetInvolvedUC you will be prompted to add some additional information to complete your account profile. This includes the ability to set your own name in GetInvolvedUC if you do not want to use the name pre-populated for you by your campus (“institution-provided name”). The name you enter here should be the name you use in your day to day life – remember that your name is how other users will search for you to add you to organizations and more. Once you edit your name in GetInvolvedUC, your campus will not be able to change it again through automated systems – a campus administrator will need to manually reset your name.

If you need to change your name at a later date, you can do so under your User Profile. Click on your initial or photo in the top right of the screen and select Account. Your Name is among the first fields you can edit.

Who Can See Your Legal or Institution-provided Name?

If you identify your name, that name will appear on all Explore and Manage views of GetInvolvedUC. This means that a typical user will not have any access or visibility to the name your campus provided for you. Note that other users may still be able to see your email address depending on your privacy settings and their degree of access.

A limited subset of administrators may have access to view your legal and/or institution-provided name within the administrative User List. These administrators can also search by your legal and institution-provided names in the User List. Your legal and/or institution-provided name will not appear on any processes within CampusLINK, such as rosters, registration, event approvals, finance requests, and reports.

There is only one exception to this: if an administrator pulls your Co-Curricular Transcript on your behalf, they can elect to save the transcript under your legal name rather than the name you identified. This is to support campuses who consider the co-curricular transcript to be official university record.  

Help! My Name Changed!

If you have edited your name and noticed it change to something else in the system, we recommend contacting your campus administrator for more information. If you have not changed your name and noticed it change to something else, this is normal and could be a result of a change in how your name is listed in other systems - you will also reach out to a campus administrator in this case for more details.

As part of your profile, you are able to set and change your privacy settings, both for GetInvolvedUC as a whole, and for the organizations that you are a member of. Your privacy settings are divided into two sections, Community Directory Settings and Organization Roster Settings. Once logged in, these settings can be accessed by accessing your User Drawer in the top right corner, clicking Account, and then click the Privacy Settings tab.

CampusLINK Privacy Setting page with arrow pointing to the tab labeled "Privacy Settings"

Community Directory Settings

Community Directory Settings allow you to decide what information is shown when your name is clicked by a general user in the site. Your Community Directory Settings will be displayed automatically and this information will only be accessible to authenticated users. You may select what information to show and what information to hide. Some information may not be accessible due to administrator settings.

Note: If you are making changes to your settings, be sure to click Save before navigating away from the page.

Organization Roster Settings

You are also able to make changes to your visibility on organization rosters by changing your Organization Roster Settings. These settings are located at the bottom of the page below the Community Directory Settings.

From here you will be able to select whether or not to show or hide yourself from the roster for each group you are a member of. The default status for any memberships that are not set by the users will be determined by the institution administrator's preferences.

Note: Memberships will never be shown to the public without your express consent.

CampusLINK Organization Roster Settings Page

Your Event Pass is a unique code that allows you to quickly check-in to events happening on campus using the Campus Labs® Event Check-in App. If you’re attending an event that requires a pass, continue reading to learn how to pull up your Event Pass. If you’re hosting an event, you can use the Campus Labs® Event Check-in App to track attendance.

Access your Event Pass in GetInvolvedUC:

Start by signing in to your GetInvolvedUC. Next, click on your profile picture in the top right of the screen (it may display your first initial if you do not have a profile picture).

Screen shot of CampusLINK EventPass tab

If you’re viewing the Event Pass from your mobile browser, you should see the option to add the pass to your Apple Wallet or Android Pay. These options make it easier to access your Event Pass at a later date. You can also choose to take a screenshot of your pass or print it. All of these options will still scan as expected. Once you’ve decided on how to store your Event Pass, get out there and attend an event!