Student Activities Board

Students at Celebration of Student Involvement Awards

The Student Activities Board works cooperatively with the Center for Student Involvement and Student Government. The purpose of the board is to assist with the registration, promotion, and regulation of all student organizations.

SAB holds regular office hours during the fall and spring semester most weekdays from 9-4 in the Student Government Office (655 Steger Student Life Center).

Student Activities Board registers new organizations and coordinates the annual re-regsitration process or RESET for existing Registered Student Organizations. 

R.E.S.E.T. stands for Registration Enrichment Support and Educational Training.

All registered student organizations are required to complete the RESET or re-registration process each year. 

All Registered Student Organizations must complete RESET annually. RESET must be completed by the president of the RSO. Organizations that have not completed RESET in two years must apply as a new student organization.

Find more about the new organization process on the top of this webpage. 

Club Sports and Fraternity & Sorority Life Organizations have different deadlines and requirements than the general RSO RESET process. 

Stay tuned for information on FSLs RESET process.

Competitive Organization re-registration opens April 1 through May 15.

For questions regarding competitive organization re-registration requirements contact the Program Manager for Competitive Organizations or the CSI main office 513-556-6115

RSOs have TWO options to complete RESET: April 1 - May 15 or August 1 - Septmeber 15.

The process will be accessible from 12:00 am on the day the phase starts and close at 11:59pm the day that it closes. 

Organizations that have already transitioned to the President for Fall should complete the RESET process during the Phase 1.

The application for submissions during this time frame will close May 15 at 11:59pm. 

Once the application closes, organizations that have missed the deadline will need to submit during Phase 2.

Competitive Organizations will also complete re-registration during this phase, but will NOT  have the opportunity to make up missed registration during Phase 2.

RSOs that wish to participate in Bearcats Welcome including the Involvement Fair must complete Phase I. 

Organizations that transition to a new president after May 15 should utilize this registration (this is only about 25% of RSOs).

RSOs that missed the May 15 deadline will have the chance to complete RESET at this time. 

RESET is completed through GetInvolvedUC by the incoming president for the upcoming academic year. If your organization transitions presidents more than one time a year, the president for the fall semester should be completing RESET.

The registration process does not need to be completed in one sitting, and can be resumed at anytime (prior to the deadline) by going to My Submissions > Organization Registrations

RESET Instructions

  1. In order to re-register, you must be listed as the President of your RSO on GetInvolvedUC
    1. If you are not – email or and we can make that change
  2. Log into CampusLink and go to your organization’s page
    1. Click “Manage Organization”
  3. You should see a blue button that says “re-register this organization” click on it
  4. Complete all the steps that it prompts you to complete
  5. If you need assistance, or want a visual walk through please view this How To Tutorial

Upon receiving your submission, Student Activities Board will review your application is complete and compliant with RSO policies.

If your application is complete and compliant it will be approved and all updates made during the process will be reflected on your GetInvolvedUC page.

Every Friday there will be an updated list of approved RSOs that can be found on SAB's Website. 

It is common to get your application denied. This does not mean you cannot be an RSO for the year!  When your application is denied, and SAB member will attach comments to your submission letting you know what changes are requested.  

You do not need to start a new submission to make changes!

To make changes on a denied submission access the submision by going to My Submissions > Organization Registrations. From there, click on the denied submission and navigate to the part of the process that needs to be updated. Resubmit your application and SAB will review it again.

RSOs that do not complete the required changes after the September 15 deadline within 10 days of being asked to submit changes are not eligible to be a Registered Student Organization for that academic year. 

If your organization fails to complete RESET by the Septmeber 15 deadline, you may fill out an appeal form on CampusLINK no later than September 30th at 11:59pm to be considered by Student Activities Board. 

SAB will bring the appeal to the board for a vote at their next meeting and decide whether or not to honor the appeal. 

Organizations will be notified of their appeal status within 48 hours of the board meeting. Organizations that are granted an appeal must complete RESET within 7 days of notification by the board.

If you are unable to find a student organization to join you are more than welcome to start one of your own! Becoming a recognized student organization comes with many privileges including but not limited to:

  1. Reserve space on campus for meetings and activities
  2. Conduct approved fundraising projects on campus
  3. Participate in the fall and spring organization fairs
  4. Have a university mailbox, when available and the use of a mailing address at the University of Cincinnati
  5. Apply for funding through the University Funding Board (if eligible) for all campus projects and programs
  6. Apply for university awards
  7. Rent vehicles for organization travel

There are several requirements for becoming a registered student organization at UC. These requirements include:

  • Constitution and Bylaws consistent with University Policies
  • At least 10 matriculating University of Cincinnati student members
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • 1 faculty or staff advisor
  • Mission statement
  • Complete CampusLINK application
  • Present to SAB for approval

For more information about organization requirements, visit the Student Activities Board CampusLINK page!

*Searching for an advisor? Contact SAB to get a copy of the RSO Advisor Interest List!

Registration Period for New Organizations 

New Student Organizations are able to submit an application at two different time periods during the academic year.

The New Org Application for fall 2021 will open on August 23 and close on October 4.

The applications process includes completing the New Organization Registration process on CampusLINK.  To start this process, log in to CampusLINK and navigate to the Organizations tab at the top of your CampusLINK homepage. If new organization applications are being excepted at this time, you will see a button that says Register an organization on the left side of the page underneath the search options.  The following requirements are needed to start a New Student Organization and will be submitted through the online process.

Screen shot of CampusLink Register a New Organization Page

Clicking Register an organization will start your organization registration process.  

Once Student Activities Board reviews the new organization application on CampusLINK, a member of the board will reach out to the president of the organization.  This Student Activities Board member will serve as liaison for the potential new organization.  The liaison will work with the group to refine their application, prepare to present to the board.  At the SAB meeting where the new org will present, the board has the opportunity to Approve, Deny, or Table the new organization based on the aforementioned criteria and university policy.  

SAB promotes student organizations through a variety of ways including tabling, social media, supporting the fall and spring involvement fairs, and coordinating the Student Organization Awards.

SAB regulates in accordance with various university policies and works with newly formed groups or leaders so they may achieve an organized, positive, and enriching experience.