Academic Intercollegiate Competition Organizations

a group of students posing for a picture (Avocalypse Acapella Club)

What is an Academic Intercollegiate Competition (AIC) organization?

An Academic Intercollegiate Competition (AIC) organization is defined as an organization that participates in valid academic intercollegiate competitive events.

To be an "active" AIC organization, the follwoing criteria must be meet:

1. The organization must registered with the Student Activities Board (SAB) via GetInvolvedUC and remain in good standing with SAB and the University.

2. The organization must have a President, Treasurer, and a Faculty/Staff Advisor listed on the roster.

3. The organization cannot receive a consistent allocation from other areas of the general fee

4. The organization has no outstanding bills with the University and/or one of its Offices/Partners. 

1. What are the requirements to participate in AICs?

All students who wish to participate in a RSO at the University of Cincinnati must attain at least a 2.0 semester and cumulative GPA. 

2. How do I get involved in joining an AIC organization?

Contact the AIC Organization that interests you; if you do not find a particular AIC organization offering of interest, contact the Center for Student Involvement.