We preserve the goodwill and reputation of the University by protecting its brand marks. We do this by monitoring the University's brand when it's used on a wide array of items (for sale and not), for sponsorships with outside organizations, commercial photography, filming on campus, etc. 

The University's brand includes anything with UC's logos, colors, fixtures on campus, trademarks, etc. that connect to the University. Examples: abbreviation "UC", the word "Cincinnati", the combo of black and red.

trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that is legally registered or established by use as representing a company or organization.  A trademark is designated with a TM.

regististration mark is designated with a ® and provides notice that the preceding word, phrase, symbol, or design has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

You can reach our office by email or phone.

You need to contact the Office of Trademark Licensing & Brand Engagement when you want to produce a product for your student organization or University department using the University's brand, even if the proposed use does not involve the sale of the product. This includes but is not limited to: apparel, promotional items, uniforms, jerseys, and marketing materials.

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is the University of Cincinnati's licensing agency. 

The Collegiate Licensing Company
1075 Peachtree Street
Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 770.956.0520
Fax: 770.955.4491

It typically takes between 1-3 days for us to process your request. If it is going to take longer, we will provide you with an update of the status of your request.

When we notify you that your request has been processed, we will copy the vendor on the email. If the request has been approved, you should contact the vendor and see what they need before they can begin production. Typically you will need to provide them with a payment method, delivery information, and sizing information (if applicable). 

Officially registered student organizations through the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development can create their own logo. In the logo, they can use "University of Cincinnati", "Cincinnati", or "UC" in text if they have by approved by the Center for Student Involvement. Use of the University's logos and of the word "Bearcats" is not allowed. Please visit the section "Registered Student Organizations" within the univeristy's brand guide for more specific information and links to the forms.

No. The institutional logo and signature colors - red and black - are the primary identifiers for all colleges, units, departments, and programs of the University and must be used prominently in all communication.  The development and use of spearate logos to represent individual units or programs is prohibited.
However, the UC branding system allows units the flexibility to incorporate additional graphic elements.  These elements, used consistently serve as visual cues to help audiences identify the unit within the larger context of the UC brand.  Proper use of unit-specific elements can be tricky and must be fully reviewed and approved by the UC Branding Committee prior to any use.  Please reference the UC Branding Standards for more information.

The C-Paw is the primary brand for University of Cincinnati Athletics and is reserved explicitly for those organizations affiliated with the University's athletics programs.  The University's institutional logo is the preferred identifying mark for University colleges, departments, units, and programs.
Official student organizations and clubs recognized by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development have access to the C-Paw and the athletic logos when use is appropriate. Such groups may request use of the C-Paw or athletic logos by contacting the Trademarks and Licensing Office. If your student organization is allowed access to the C-Paw or athletic logos, your organization's name must be clearly identified on the product. Items produced through Graphic Cow sales may not use the C-Paw.

We are here to help you. If you contact us early, we can work with you to:

  • Determine the best product to meet your goals and objectives
  • Help you navigate any problems that might arise during the approval process
  • Make sure that you receive the appropriate approval so that you can have the product(s) in time for your event

You need to receive permission to use the University's brand prior to production because UC must control and monitor the use of its brand or risk losing its rights to use its trademarks as unique identifiers of the University of Cincinnati. UC has a compelling interest in controlling the use of its brand for other reasons as well.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Protecting UC’s name and ensuring that its use, across all units of the University, is compatible with the University of Cincinnati’s goodwill and reputation
  • Preventing misleading or inaccurate portrayals of UC’s relationship to others, and preventing others from taking advantage of the goodwill the institution has developed and which is symbolized by its trademarks
  • Ensuring that products and services bearing UC’s trademarks protect the integrity and reputation of the institution, maintain and build upon the goodwill of the institution, and promote support for and increase awareness of the institution, its mission and goals

If you wish to use a sponsor in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati's brand, you must receive approval prior to any affiliation between the University and the sponsor taking place. To learn more about the sponsorship request process, please visit the I'm Off Campus/Sponsorship section of our website.

Internal Consumption Specific FAQs

If your RSO is not on the drop down list then your club has likely not had your forms (Student Organization Use of University Name, Brand, & Logos forms) approved by the Center for Student Involvement. This list is updated weekly. Please reach out to CSI about your clubs' forms status. 

Even though the artwork request is the same, sometimes the art has to change for readability or if some of the products ordered are uniform items. Different colorways are often needed if the product art varies within the order. Having products submitted separately when artwork or product varies also helps us accurately judge our workload.

Yes, you need to submit a new Internal Request Form, artwork, and quote each time you want to produce a product bearing the University's brand – even if you have been previously approved to produce the product or are using previously approved artwork. This is because each Internal Request Form is specific to the order (i.e. quantity ordered, price, date of the event, etc.). We do this so that we can monitor the type and quantity of products ordered by each organization, and the information we collect is used to audit our vendors.

If a student organization is using UFB, AIC, or club sports funding to pay for the products, then you must pay for the products through the University – either by P-Card or Purchase Order.  If you are not paying for the products with University funding, you do not have to pay for the products through the University; however, anything not purchased through the University may be subject to taxes.
If your RSO wants to order items with personal funds they will need to submit a Graphic Cow inquiry request. This form and additional information is located under the Internal Request page on our website.

Note for Club Sports Organizations: Personal items cannot be purchased with University funds.  Only uniforms with no personal markings (i.e. last names) that will stay with the organization for a period of time can be purchased with University funds.  The exception to this statement is when club sports organizations are required to have uniforms that are considered personal items (i.e. swim suits for the swim club).  In this case, a percentage of the total uniform cost can come from University funds.

The University conducted an RFP to select vendors for student organizations and departments.  An RFP is a Request For Proposals, which is a formal bidding process where the University solicits proposals from companies interested in providing products or services to the University community over a specific term period. The bidding process is managed by the University's Central Purchasing Office to ensure compliance with University policies and the laws of the State of Ohio when the University is purchasing/spending a large amount of money for products or services.
Since the University community purchases a significant number of branded promotional items each year, we conducted an RFP to select the vendors available to service the University community. By having a limited number of vendors, we are able to manage the process to ensure the items produced follow the University's branding standards, and the vendors comply with the terms of our licensing agreement.
Of the proposals submitted, three vendors were awarded a contract to produce branded promotional items for student organizations and University departments.  Due to the University’s contract, you need to use one of the University’s licensed vendors if you are using University funds to purchase the merchandise.  Under the licensed vendors’ contract with the University of Cincinnati they are required to meet the following standards:

  • Produce high quality products or services 
  • Produce products and services under conditions that meet the University’s code of conduct
  • Produce products and services with which the institution has chosen to be identified

No. You may use a vendor of your choosing if the product does not bear any University of Cincinnati trademarks or create an association with the University or your organization of any kind.

Yes. We prefer that the University's logo is used is used, but when appropriate, the use of the "University of Cincinnati" in text is also allowed.

Graphic Cow Specific FAQs

Departmental/Program based sales are unsustainable due to the amount of departments and programs that make up the university. There are over 300 departments and programs–that number does not include colleges and RSOs.

If your department or program has a specific request, please reach out to the dean of your college and ask for the design to be included in the college's sale. 

If your RSO is not on the drop down list then you club has likely not had your forms (Student Organization Use of University Name, Brand, & Logos forms) approved by the Center for Student Involvement. This list is updated weekly. Please reach out to CSI about your clubs' forms status. 

Items produced through Graphic Cow cannot use the C-Paw. They must have 'University of Cincinnati' in text or the institutional logo. If they are an RSO they must also have the RSO name and follow the RSO

If emails are going to be sent, who to, how often, and when? If social media is going to be used, how? Will it be stories, posts, reels? When and how often will they be posted? Will other accounts be tagged? If there are other marketing ideas your group plans to execute what are they? The more specific you can be the better we will understand your plan.

Your group can opt for individual shipping or bulk shipping. After the sale ends, the items purchased will be produced and shipped. This typically takes 5-7 business days after the sale ends. If your group has chosen individual shipping, each person will receive their items directly. If your group has chosen bulk shipping, all items will be sent to one predesignated location for the group to handle distribution.