Affiliated Faculty Members

Tuition Remission

Affiliated Faculty Members include:

  • ROTC Full-Time Affiliated Faculty
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center (CCHMC) Affiliated Faculty
  • Veterans Hospital (VA) Affiliated Faculty

With approval by their ‘home’ institution, Affiliated faculty members are eligible for tuition remission for themselves and their eligible dependents on the same basis as a full time UC faculty or staff member.

The tuition remission program for Affiliated faculty members pays the instructional and general fees for eligible individuals who take courses at the University of Cincinnati.

The tuition remission program for dependents (spouse/domestic partner/unmarried dependent children) pays the instructional fee (tuition) only for eligible dependents who take courses at the University of Cincinnati.  General fees, books, room and board, late fees, application fees, confirmation fees, etc., are not covered by tuition remission.

Eligible Dependents (of an eligible Affiliated faculty member):

  • Legal spouse
  • Same or opposite sex domestic partner
  • Unmarried child. For this purpose, child means (1) a biological child, (2) a stepchild, (3) an adopted child/or child legally placed for adoption, (4) or child for whom the Affiliated faculty member been appointed legal guardian by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Verification documents are required.  Children must be the Affiliated faculty member’s tax dependent in order to be eligible.  Birth certificate, marriage certificate or domestic partner affidavit may also be required. Please email for more information.

Affiliated faculty members who wish to request tuition remission benefits (for themselves or eligible dependents) must complete the Tuition Remission Application at the link below.  The form must include any applicable documentation and required signatures. 

In all cases, the form must be signed by the appropriate representative of the ‘home’ institution and submitted along with the required documentation to the email address on the form.

Affiliated Faculty Tuition Remission Application

Questions may be directed to