Staff Senate Committees

Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee may consider and represent staff views on all significant information technology initiatives, issues, and policies that impact the university; create and maintain the Staff Senate website and electronic voting systems; offer technology consultation and training for staff; and consider all information technology matters brought to its attention by the senate or the university administration in collaboration with the UC Office of Information Technology.

Information Technology Committee
First Last Phone E-Mail
Gerrie Copeland 513-745-8318
Eric Curtis 513-558-0177
Terence Harrison 513-556-6840
Lawrence McCullough 513-556-1322
Jordan Menefield 513-556-9173
Mike Mitchum 513-402-2307
Nathanael O'Der 513-556-5792
Katrina Biscay    

Communications & Recognition Committee

The Communication & Recognition Committee will organize and coordinate outreach and community engagement activities, staff recognition functions, public and special events; performs responsibilities related to communications of the senate, including the distribution of publicity and information relating to the senate; and considers all outreach and communication matters brought to its attention by the senate or the university administration.

Communications & Recognition Committee
First Last Phone E-Mail
Tony Almaguer 513-556-4842
Laine Blum 513-558-4608
Darrell Bronston 513-556-2848
Breana Buckner 513-936-1792
Gary DeVoe 513-558-7770
Teneisha Dyer 513-556-6945
Josie Evans-Phillips 513-556-2205
Christine Gilliam 513-558-0248
Lauren Lantz 513-556-9966
Kerry Overstake 513-556-5226
Tyler Swanson 513-558-7650
Cynthia Treacy 513-556-3533

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee will annually review the by-laws and propose amendments; determine membership, nomination, and election procedures for senators with final approval by the Senate Cabinet; annually review the number of Staff Senate representatives and reapportion the area representation as needed based on information received from UC Human Resources; monitor governance policies and practices to ensure effective staff involvement in university decision making; and consider all governance matters brought to its attention by the senate or the university administration.

Governance Committee
First Last Phone E-Mail
Melissa Berling 513-556-0376
Daniel Brummett 513-558-0292
Lindsay Jaffe 513-556-4835
Dyan Marinos 513-556-1605
Qasim McCreagh 513-556-4925
Scott Page 513-556-6920
Debra Peters 513-556-1605
Heidi Pettyjohn 513-556-9791
Shelly Sherman 513-556-0373
Janet Staderman 513-556-4354

Membership & Elections Committee

The Memberships & Elections Committee shall execute the senate election process, provide the senate with nominees for open positions on standing committees and develop the new member orientation and training program.

Membership & Elections Committee
First Last Phone E-Mail
Brittany Bibb 513-556-1171
Nicole Blount 513-556-3233
Jasmine Burno 513-558-5302
Larry Caras 513-556-6672
Daniel Cummins 513-556-5064
Kelly Lyle 513-558-7424
Ashley Martin 513-558-0224
Katie Pence 513-558-4561
Elizabeth Kopras 513-558-7205
Lacey Mccarthy 513-936-1737

Budget & Human Resources Committee

The Budget & Human Resource Committee will consider all financial, planning, human resource, and economic welfare matters affecting the University to ensure a supportive environment that will provide personal and professional growth opportunities for university staff.

Budget & Human Resources Committee
First Last Phone E-Mail
Brandon Armstrong 513-316-5327
Tony Dattilo 513-558-2763
Brandi Elliott 513-556-9354
Kim Kues 513-558-5078
Yu Mao 513-739-1505
Tammy Mentzel 513-558-5574
Nicole Morgan 513-556-4275
Debora Myree 513-556-7010
David Paulik 513-558-5580
Lorren Ratley 513-558-2733
Ashley SanDiego 513-556-0116
Michael Southern 513-556-3520
Teresa Larkin 513-558-3551
Carol Tonge-Mack 513-556-6541
Renee Hargrove 513-556-6049