Online forms create an interactive web page that allow for user input. The data received through the form is then sent to a designated owner. Popular form types include event registration, contact forms, general feedback and issue reporting among many more. 

Many online form systems continue to improve their accessibility and there are currently multiple options for web authors at UC to use. Each have different features and authors can use which one meets their individual needs. 

Technical Requirements

An electronic form must pass all the requirements below to pass accessibility standards. 

  • Tab order of form field is logical 
  • In dropdown menus, you can navigate and select items using the keyboard alone. 
  • Data entered is retained if the page is refreshed or too much time is taken to fill out form fields. 
  • If a required field is left blank, keyboard focus shifts to that field when user is notified. 

Forms Options

There are currently several form options available for use on UC websites. Each has unique features and you may find the need to use a different form system based on your needs. 


Jotform is web-based form application that the University has purchased an enterprise license for. Recent accessibility updates made by JotForm allow us to continue using them as a form platform. 

JotForm includes a robust set of tools and an easy-to-use interface. Access to this form system is managed by the Marketing & Communication office. If your office doesn't already have an account with JotForm, you can request an account

Best Practices

  • Turn on the form accessibility checker
  • Ensure your template meets color contrast standards
  • Avoid widgets with accessibility warnings

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms was included with the University purchase of Microsoft 365. Microsoft Forms doesn’t allow embedding images or videos and currently only the creator of the form can receive responses. If you have a UC secure login, you already have access to Microsoft Forms.

Best Practices

  • Stick with basic fields such as textboxes, choice or dates
  • Ensure all form fields have meaningful labels
  • Add ALT text to all images used

Sitefinity Forms

Sitefinity forms were developed and are maintained by UCIT. Sitefinity is suited for both basic forms and also for forms that require a high-level of customization. You can request access and training for Sitefinity Forms. 

Best Practices

  • Make sure to clear formatting when copying and pasting text into form fields. 
  • Ensure headers are properly formatted and organized.