A hyperlink, most commonly referred to as a "link", is a highlighted group of words that can be activated by clicking on them. Individuals using only the keyboard or other alternative input devices can navigate through a website by jumping from link to link. It is important to use descriptive words in the hyperlink (link) text, so users know where the link leads.

Best Practice

  • Always use hyperlink (link) text that is descriptive of the content it is linking to.
  • Do not use phrases like “read more” or “click here”.
  • Only use a full URL If the URL is relatively short (such as a site's homepage). The key is to be considerate of screen reader users who must listen to the longer, less intelligible URLs.

Tip: When selecting a word or words to apply a hyperlink, be careful not to select a blank character space before or after the word(s). This will be labeled as a blank hyperlink and is not correct formatting. You can verify that only the appropriate spaces have the hyperlink applied by checking if the underline extends past your text. If the underline is extended, the hyperlink should be removed and reset. It is not an error if the natural space between words are included in the hyperlink.