EIT Accessibility Plan

EIT Accessibility Plan - Background

The EIT Accessibility Plan was submitted to the Office for Civil Rights in 2014 and an updated plan was approved in spring 2018. The university is implementing many of the items listed in the plan including:

  • A process for updating university websites with accessibility;
  • A process for including accessibility into university digital course content;
  • Updates to current purchasing procedures and contracts that incorporate accessibility into the procurement process;
  • Implementation of the EIT Accessibility Policy; and
  • An annual training¬†available through Canvas that provides staff, faculty and students with the information they need to understand the university's policies, expectations and resources around eAccessibility.

Supporting resources for the EIT Accessibility Plan

In recognition of the effort required to implement the EIT Accessibility Plan and Policy, the University has created a cross-functional governance structure including representatives from:

In addition, the Accessibility Network was created to support university faculty and staff with resources and training to help drive the establishment and sustainability of eAccessibility as part of the university's core commitment to provide an inclusive student environment.

Who to contact

If you have additional questions about the EIT Accessibility Policy, please contact our EIT Coordinator, Heidi Pettyjohn, via email at Heidi.Pettyjohn@uc.edu or by phone at (513) 556-9791.

If you are a student with a disability seeking assistance, please visit UC's Accessibility Resources web pages:

If you are experiencing an accessibility barrier on a UC affiliated website, please use the online eAccessibility Concern form to describe your experiences.