Accessibility Resources

University Pavilion


The Accessibility Resources Office at the University of Cincinnati will serve as the premier program for students with disabilities by fostering an environment that places independence, inclusion, and success at its core.


The Accessibility Resources Office is dedicated to empowering students with disabilities through the delivery of reasonable accommodations and support services by bridging post-secondary education with future real-world experiences.

Students with disabilities who need academic accommodations or other specialized services while attending UC will receive reasonable accommodations to meet their individual needs as well as advocacy assistance on disability-related issues. We are strongly committed to maintaining an environment that guarantees students with disabilities full access to educational programs, activities, and facilities.

In addition to academic accommodations in the classroom, students, faculty, or staff are encouraged to use the Adaptive Technology lab in 408 Langsam, next to the STRC editing suites.

To ensure timely implementation of academic accommodations:

  • Make your request as soon as your disability is confirmed.
  • Make your request at least eight (8) weeks before the quarter begins.
  • Please request interpreters or real-time captioning at least two (2) weeks prior to a program or event.

Accessibility Resources Office Location & Hours

210 University Pavilion

Phone:  513-556-6823
TTY:  513-556-3277
Fax:  513-556-1383
Relay:  711

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm 
E-mail: Accessibility Resources


  • Michael Southern, Program Director
  • Matthew Sauer, Ph.D., Accommodation Coordinator
  • Katherine Vance, MS, Interpreter / CART Coordinator
  • Lindsay Nickels, MS, Interpreter
  • Sue Lopreato, RMR, CRR, CART Writer / Transcriptionist
  • Mitchell Jones, MS, Assistive Technology Specialist