Assistive Technology

Accessibility Resources offers a number of Assistive Technology software, devices, and learning aides, both to students registered with Accessibility Resources and the Bearcat community. Continue reading to learn more about:

  • Software, Hardware, and Devices available to students
  • Consultation with an assistive technology specialist
  • Receiving accessible alternative versions of course content and textbooks

Alternative Format and Digital Textbook Procedure

Although the University of Cincinnati strives to create an accessible learning experience, there may be times when it is not possible for class room content, such as textbooks, journal articles, or information on websites to be readily available in an accessible format to be used with assistive or adaptive technologies.

Assistive Technology, Software, and Devices for Students

Accessibility Resources can provide various assistive and adaptive technologies for students requiring accommodation, as well as training and consultation to assist in getting the most out of the available software and devices. Some of the devices and software available are listed below:

Text-to-Speech Software


  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

Learning Tools

  • Live Scribe Pen

Training and Support:

  • Our Assistive Technologist offers on-on-one consultation and training, as well as scheduled programming on using available available assistive technologies, as well as a wide array of native and open source technologies at students' disposal. If you 'd like more information or would like to set up an appointment, please call Accessibility Resources and ask forthe assistive Technologist: (513) 556-6823, or email the Assistive Technology Specialist directly.

Read & Write Gold

Read & Write software solutions help individuals struggling with reading and writing, those with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia or English Language Learners by ensuring that everyone has the literacy support they need to reach their potential and achieve independence.

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Read & Write is available as a free download to UC students Faculty and Staff

  • Download Read&Write Gold for Windows
  • Download Read&Write Gold for Mac
    • Click the Get your 30 day trial button and then select the Mac platform, and then select US as your region. Sign in when prompted using your (Faculty/Staff), (Student) or school email account which will then authenticate you as a premium user.

Read&Write installation guides:

Additional voices are available to use. Choose your additional voices from the list below. Once downloaded, start Read&Write, navigate to speech options, press the "Search" button and select your newly installed voice. The voice will be available from the speech options drop down list.


The following instructions and reference guides will assist you with downloading and using Read & Write.

If you have any questions, please contact the Accessibility Resources Office at 513-556-6823.