Accessibility Resources

At UC, we are committed every day to providing full and equal access to students, employees and visitors with disabilities. The University is actively engaged in improving the accessibility of our community, in the classroom, in the workplace, on campus, and online. Please use this site to identify the resources you need.

Accessibility News

The University of Cincinnati has recently implemented Blackboard Ally! Ally provides feedback to faculty on the accessibility of their course files as well as guidance on how to make the content more accessible. Ally also automatically creates alternate accessible files without any additional work required from the faculty. Students are able to access the alternate accessible files, which include HTML, MP3, ePUB, and electronic braille.


Accessibility Resources is located in Suite 210, on the second floor of University Pavilion. 

  • From CCM/CCM Garage, Exit Mary Emory Hall near CCM Starbucks. Cross the bridge heading west to enter University Pavilion on the second floor. Continue around OneStop Student Services towards the dual elevators and enter Suite 210.
  • From Tangeman University Center (TUC). From Main St. travel south in front of the west entrance to TUC and enter the north entrance to University Pavilion, on the second floor. Head to the right, past the stairs leading up to enter Suite 210.
  • From McMicken Hall, Dyer/Teacher's Hall, Enter the west entrance to University Pavilion on the third floor. Head straight ahead then turn right to access the dual elevators, or alternatively take the stairs directly to your left down one floor to the second floor of University Pavilion. From the elevators turn immediately to your left to enter Suite 210; from the main stairs turn right and continue past the dual elevators to enter suite 210.