Alternative Format Textbook Request Form

To request a textbook in alternative format, students approved for the Class Materials in Alternative Format accommodation should complete and submit the form below (one book request per form submission). 

Please review the Alternative Format Request Policy and Procedures before completing this form. The expected lead time for production of requested textbooks in alternative format is 15 business days from the date of request. 

If you would like assistance completing this form, need to request alternative formats for course materials other than textbooks, or have any questions about the request process, please contact the Communication and Digital Access Team at

To complete this form, it will be helpful to have the following information ready:

  • your semester course schedule (course ID and section number)
  • a proof of purchase or rental agreement for the title you are requesting
    • Proof of purchase/rental/possession of the book must be on file with our team before any alternative format materials can be released.
    • If you do not have a proof of purchase or rental, please provide more information about your access to/ownership of the title in the "Share more details" field.
  • the course syllabus and assignment schedule (if not included in syllabus)
    • If a syllabus or course assignment schedule is not included with your request, we may contact you and/or your instructor to request this information. Your identity will not be disclosed in the process. 

If you have not purchased your books yet

Check to see whether it is available for purchase, rent, or loan in a format that already meets your needs! Our How to Find Accessible Digital Textbooks page offers guidance on finding textbooks in formats that work best for you.

Terms of Use

Use of this accommodation provides the student with an alternative format of copyright material. This material is for the sole use of the recipient for the academic accommodation of the specified course. Any misuse, alteration of, or distribution of this copyright material to anyone other than the original recipient may be a violation of copyright law. The original recipient of the accommodation will be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, and may be subject to punishment.

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