Semester Services Request Form

Students registered with Accessibility Resources intending to utilize Communication Access Team services are responsible for completing the form below prior to the start of a new semester. 

To complete the form, students must provide their name, UC ID, and course information, and indicate the services (ASL/English interpreter(s) and/or speech-to-text) they wish to request for each course.

This form can also be used to cancel services. Students must utilize the form below to cancel services, not inform the service provider assigned to the course

For example, if a student requests services for a chemistry lecture, attends the first week of class and then determines they no longer need services, the student must utilize the form to cancel services for that particular course. 

If students want to add services to previously unrequested courses after the start of a semester, they must do so using the form below.  Requests for ongoing classes and other weekly, ongoing meetings or activities will continue to require up to two weeks of notice. 

Requests which are not made by the set deadline for the approaching semester are considered untimely and may result in a delay of services. 

Requests for services or events outside of regularly scheduled classes can be made utilizing our Interpreter/CART/Captioning Request Form

If you have questions completing the form, please contact the Supervisor of Communication Access Services, Amy Adkins, at