New Student Registration

The Office of Accessibility Resources' (AR) responsibility is to create an environment where students with disabilities feel welcomed as our staff work to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations which would lessen the impact of their disability within the academic setting.

The process of determining reasonable and appropriate accommodations relies heavily on the interactive process between each student and their Access Coordinator.

Fall 2024

Registration for new students will open in late May. Please continue to check our web page for updates on how to register using our new registration system.

New Student Registration Form

Our New Student Registration Form represents an important piece in that process and provides Accessibility Resources staff with valuable information to determine accommodations now and possibility in the future, should a need arise. 

This form must be completed by the student seeking accommodations and services from our office. 

Documentation is not required to register for services, however, if it is available, it can be a useful tool and help to ensure that the full consideration of the impact of your disability within the academic environment is considered. 

When completing the registration form, please take the time to thoroughly answer all the questions. The form cannot be saved and completed at a later date, therefore we recommend completing the form in one sitting.


The reasonableness and necessity of requested accommodations must be determined before approval, so students may be requested to provide documentation if: 

  • Documentation would help the student and AR staff identify barriers and workable solutions for accommodations  
  • Documentation would make the connection between the academic environment and the disability that is not readily apparent through the student’s narrative

If you would like to submit documentation, please use our Documentation Submission Form.

If documentation is submitted, we accept documentation from a variety of sources including: IEPs, 504 Plans, psychological evaluations, medical records, letters provided by qualified medical professionals or a Medical Professional Disability Verification Form. Please refer to our Registration FAQ for more information about documentation. 

If you need assistance in completing these forms or require accommodations to do so, please contact Accessibility Resources 513-556-6823 or email