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FACULTY: Tips for Accommodations While Teaching Remotely

Please refer to the following link containing information from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CET&L) on ensuring access in your online courses.

Tips for Accommodations While Teaching Remotely

Employee Accommodations

If you are a staff or faculty member seeking accommodations for yourself, please visit the Workplace Accommodation page of the Human Resources site for more information or to begin the accommodation process.

Academic Accommodations and Faculty Responsibility

Academic accommodations are modifications, adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services that give a student with a disability equal access to participate in and benefit from all programs, services, and academic opportunities of the University of Cincinnati. Visit the Academic Accommodations and Faculty Responsibility page to learn about specific accommodations and how to fulfill them for your students.

Student Accommodation Form

The Accommodation Form is the document that we use to communicate the approved accommodations that students should receive in your class. We recommend reading about the Accommodation Form Purpose and Explanation.

Accommodated Testing

A common accommodation that students receive is extra time and/or a distraction reduced environment for taking tests and quizzes. Profsesors may choose to deliver these accommodations themselves, or, use the Accommodated Testing Process provided through Testing Services to provide testing accomodations to students with disabilities. Information on that process can be found on the Testing Services website.

Accessible Online Content

Visit our eAccessibility site for information on increasing the accessibility of your online course content

Information for your Syllabus

We recommend including the following statement on your syllabus:

Special Needs Policy: If you have a disability (e.g., visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment, communication disorder, and/or specific learning disability, etc.) which may influence your performance in this course, you must meet with the Accessibility Resources Office to arrange for reasonable accommodations to ensure an equitable opportunity to meet all the requirements of this course. If you require accommodations due to disability, please contact Accessibility Resources at 513-556-6823, Campus Location: 210 University Pavilion.