Accommodation Form Purpose and Explanation

The purpose of the Accommodation Form (AF) is to inform your instructors of your accommodation needs. The AF allows an opportunity for your faculty to make appropriate changes within Canvas if your accommodations require Extended Time or other testing accommodations.

It is YOUR responsibility to forward your AF to each instructor using your UC email. 


Accessibility Resources will send your AF to your UC email. Accessibility Resources will not send AF to non-UC emails. If you have questions about the accommodations listed on the Form, please contact Accessibility Resources immediately. 


After receiving your Form, forward your Accommodation Form to your instructors using your UC email. Make sure that you copy (Cc) Accessibility Resources within your email. 

You will receive an additional email from your Access Coordinator and/or Accessibility Resources about how to initiate these accommodations. 

  • Assignment Due Date Modification
  • Attendance Policy Modification
  • Notetaker


As the semester progresses, if you have questions about your accommodations, please email our office: