Accessibility Checklist

Checklist for webpages

File Setup

  • Does the web address not contain spaces and/or special characters?
  • Is the web address short, descriptive and contain lowercase letters?
  • Are heading styles organized in a hierarchal and logical fashion, with consecutive headings (i.e., no missing heading levels)?


  • Is the list style being used as opposed to manually typed characters (e.g. Hyphens, numbers, or graphics)?
  • Is content clear and concise?
  • Do all URLs contain descriptive hyperlinks (i.e., avoid generic phrases like "Click here" and, instead, use phrases that let users know about the content of the linked page prior to selecting it)?
  • Is the color contrast ratio between foreground text and background color sufficient?


  • Do all images, grouped images, and non-text elements that convey information have meaningful alternative-text descriptions?
  • Do complex images (i.e., charts and graphs) have descriptive text near the image (perhaps as a caption or long description)?
  • Is the document free of scanned text-heavy images (i.e., avoid text content contained in images that disappear when images are not available)?
  • If color is used to emphasize important text, is there is an alternate, compliant method used as well?
  • Have you provided alternatives for or avoided use of sensory information (e.g., shape, size, color, visual location, orientation, sound, etc.)?


  • Do all data tables have proper titles, captions, column headers and/or row headers?
  • For tables containing data, is there an alternative long description used to explain the meaning of the table if it is not otherwise evident from context?


Accessibility Check

Checklist for Software and Applications


  • Does the application provide clear and precise instructions for use of all keyboard functions as part of the user documentation?
  • Does the software provide keyboard equivalents for all mouse actions, including buttons, scroll windows, text entry fields, and pop-up windows?
  • Does the software have a logical tabbing order among fields, text boxes, and focal points?
  • Can you use the arrow keys to navigate through a list followed by pressing the ENTER key or space bar to select the desired item?
  • Are keyboard shortcut keys provided for all pull-down menus?

Interactive Elements

Screen Elements


Technical Support

  • Are all manuals and documentation provided in an accessible electronic format including text descriptions of any charts, graphs, pictures, or graphics of any nature?
  • Is special training provided for users with disabilities that will enable them to become familiar with the software and learn how to use it in conjunction with assistive technology provided as an accommodation?

Accessibility Check

  • Does the software support existing accessibility features built into the operating system (e.g., sticky keys, slow keys, repeat keys, Voice Over)?
  • Have you tested the application with a sampling of common assistive technologies (including, at a minimum, a screen reader, and, if possible, alternate input devices, screen enlargement software, and voice recognition software and devices)? Describe the accessibility successes and problems you encountered during these testing exercises, as well as your plans for addressing any problems.
  • Have you evaluated similar software alternatives that might have better accessibility features?