Accessibility Compliance Training

New EIT Training Portal Now Live

The University of Cincinnati’s new Electronic Accessibility Training Portal in now live in Canvas.

If you need access to the training, please submit a request for enrollment.

The university’s EIT Accessibility Policy states that all agents of the university, including faculty and staff, who create or contribute to the creation or procurement of websites, software, applications, electronic course content, or the content provided in any of these, must complete Electronic & Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility training. Completing this training not only fulfills a compliance requirement but also provides the UC community with the necessary baseline understanding of creating accessible course materials, websites and other electronic content and systems for persons with disabilities, an act which is critical in the university’s ability to fulfill the mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act that no qualified individual with a disability shall, by reason of such disability, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefit of services, programs, or activities of the university.

About the EIT Training Portal

The accessibility compliance training is delivered through the Electronic Accessibility Training Portal in Canvas. The course includes multiple trainings on topics related to electronic accessibility. New training modules will be added each semester to meet the evolving needs of the UC community. Modules completed in the Training Portal will be tracked and contribute to Accessibility and Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Compliance Training Requirements. Our aim is to provide the UC community with a range of trainings so that individuals can choose topics that relate to the technology, software, and processes used most frequently.

To access the portal, log into Canvas, and select Courses on the left navigation. Select the 2021-2023 EIT Accessibility Training Portal. If you do not see the course listed, select the "All Courses" option at the bottom of the drop down menu, and a list of all of the Canvas courses you are enrolled in will appear. Employees are enrolled in the course based on eligibility of course requirements; if you are not enrolled and would like to be, or believe you should be, please submit a request for enrollment.  For technical assistance with the course, contact the IT@UC help desk.

Please direct any questions to the Accessibility Network via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As stated in the EIT Accessibility Policy, all agents of the university, including faculty and staff, who create or contribute to the creation or procurement of websites, software, applications, electronic course content, or the content provided in any of these, must complete the EIT Accessibility training course. These agents include:

  • Faculty members who use Canvas or any online systems or materials for teaching and learning 
  • Staff members who create any content or resources for or in Canvas to support faculty 
  • All faculty, staff or students who are web authors, and/or content contributors to a UC or UC-affiliated website, mobile app, or the UC intranet Bearcats Landing
  • Faculty and staff who distribute UC-affiliated communications using systems such as Success Factors or Catalyst or through email distribution methods, like listservs or newsletter software
  • All faculty and staff who create or utilize multi-media content presented through channels like YouTube, or used for university events or in trainings
  • Faculty and staff who are involved in the selection, purchasing, and/or management of third party software or systems, either centrally or within units
  • IT Staff (central and distributed) who support implementation of third party systems or who develop or create apps or other software for use at UC

If you have questions about the requirements for this course, please contact the university’s EIT Accessibility Coordinator.

An upcoming feature includes the option to receive credit that fulfills annual compliance training requirements when you attend select workshops offered by CET&L and the Accessibility Network. This will be deployed toward the end of 2021.

If you want to check to see if you have completed the training, log into Canvas, and select the 2021-2023 EIT Accessibility Training Portal course. Select Grades on the left navigation menu.  If you have completed the course you will have earned a total of 150 points.  If you do not have a total of 150 points in the Grades section of Canvas, you have not completed the course, and need to return to the Modules tab in the navigation to complete the Knowledge Checks for the Modules you have reviewed. 

The easiest way to keep a record of your course completion is to take a screenshot of your grades. Remember that you may be asked to verify your course completion before being granted to some campus systems. 

If the course doesn't appear in Canvas, you may need to request to be enrolled. Please submit a request for enrollment.

After completing the quiz, scroll down and note any incorrect answers. To take the quiz again, navigate to the top of the quiz, and select the "Take Quiz Again" button. You must answer all questions correctly to get credit for the training course. 

If you are having technical issues, contact the IT@UC help desk.

The deadline to complete the training isn't until June of 2023. However, it is very important to note that your access to several systems across campus is tied to your completion of the course and you could lose access to systems like AEM or Canvas if you delay in completing the training. We recommend completing as soon as you are able to avoid any unnecessary delays.