The Accessibility Network at UC

Faculty:  Tips for Accommodations while Teaching Remotely
Guidance for faculty and staff teaching students with disabilities.

If you are a faculty member who is experiencing disability related barriers to teaching in an online format, please contact the Academic Personnel office or the university’s EIT Accessibility Coordinator.

The University of Cincinnati is committed to providing an electronic experience that is accessible to all and supports success for every student, especially students with disabilities.

Closeup of computer keyboard; shift key says "accessibility".

Where to Start

Take the eAccessibility: An Introduction course in Blackboard.
NOTE: For best results, first log in to Blackboard and then activate the link.

If you were not added to the course and would like to participate, please refer to the Blackboard Self Enrollment Guide.

Learn 5 easy ways to incorporate accessibility into your electronic materials: visit our Start Now webpage.

View example diagrams of techniques used to make electronic materials accessible.

Read more about the EIT Accessibility Policy and Plan.

Submit an accessibility service request form online.

Join the Accessibility Network group on LinkedIn.