Our Staff

Our staff consists of four members who each serve in unique capacities in order to directly assist our students and the University of Cincinnati community. We are here to assist students in any way possible regardless of your ethnic identity, and are proud to serve at a university that prioritizes the pride and inclusion of students along all identity spectrums. We hope that you'll utilize us, as well as the resources available in our office, to enhance your overall experience here at the University of Cincinnati!

Headshot of Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins

Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins



Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins has over fourteen years of experience in the fields of Higher Education & Event Management.

Headshot of Eric Watford

Eric Watford

Program Coordinator


Eric Watford is a Program Coordinator and is in over the MLK Program, Black History Month, and the AACRC Choir.

Headshot of Mercedes Jones

Mercedes Jones

Program Manager


Mercedes Jones is a two time graduate of UC and is the manager of facilities and major programming.

Headshot of Brittany Bibb

Brittany Bibb

Program Coordinator


Brittany Bibb graduate of UC from Louisville KY, and is the coordinator for the Transitions and BASE programs.