Student Groups

The AACRC offers a number of ways for students to establish relationships, employ their talents, and develop their leadership skills at the University of Cincinnati. Students have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities; from learning and participating in the day to day management of AACRC initiatives to gender-based programming, the Center provides valuable experience to the personal and professional maturation of our students!

The AACRC often collaborates with many of the student organizations on campus that further our mission of diversity education, tolerance, and student activism. We also encourage students to be contributing members of the greater campus community by joining and participating in these various student groups.


In 1992, the AACRC Choir was founded by Dr. P. Eric Abercrumbie. He envisioned a musical entity that would cultivate the talents of young, gifted African American students who would come together for one common purpose: to inspire the lives of others through song. Students who are selected to participate in the choir are exposed to various types of African and other culturally-based music. Through the AACRC choir experience members are given opportunities to grow academically, spiritually, culturally and socially.

The AACRC Choir has been in existence for 17 years and during this time, they have successfully captured the attention of the music community. The choir has performed with and opened for not only artists but global leaders as well. To date, the list includes Colin Powell, Bryon Cage, Kirk Franklin, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Tramaine Hawkins, Yolanda Adams, Ossie Davis, The Williams Brothers, Benjamin Chavis, Dr. Maya Angelou, Donald Lawrence, Hezekiah Walker, Rev. Al Sharpton, John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir.

The AACRC Choir has traveled across the country to spread joy through song. In 2003 and 2004, the choir earned 1st place in the Gospel Collegiate Choir Competition at the Gospel Today Conference.

The foundation of the choir is rooted in a commitment to an atmosphere where students have an outlet to express their artistic talents. The AACRC Choir also encourages a familial support system where students can feel comfortable sharing their life experiences.

If you would like more information or to audition to become a member of the AACRC Choir family, please contact Eric Watford via phone, 513-556-1177, or email,

BASE Steering Committee

The BASE Steering Committee (BSC) is made up of current University of Cincinnati students who want give back to the university by assisting first-year students. BSC creates and facilitates all of the programs for BASE and Transitions, in addition to serving as mentors for a designated group of Transitions students.

Applications to become a member of the BASE Steering Committee are available following Spring Break of each school year. For more information on the BASE Steering Committee please contact Brittany Bibb.


Brother 2 Brother

Brother 2 Brother (B2B) is a program where men at the University of Cincinnati can meet, process, and discuss issues that affect the matriculation, graduation, and overall success of Black men. Students are supported through strategic programming and staff and faculty mentorship.

B2B places emphasizes on:

  • Altruistic Brotherhood
  • Academic Achievement
  • Autonomy & Chivalry
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Engagement

Habari Gani Ambassadors

The Habari Gani Ambassadors (HGA) are our student welcoming committee, the vibrancy and energy of the Center, and a vital part of the AACRC's outreach efforts on and off campus. "Habari Gani" is a Swahili phrase that asks, "what good news do you have?" literally making these students our Good News Ambassadors!

HGA is tasked with the important assignment of bringing new students to AACRC events and the Center itself, in addition to creating exciting new programming to expose the Center and its resources. Our ambassadors serve in many capacities throughout the year such as:

  • Hosts for high school visits
  • Student panels for information sessions
  • Tabling for Admission fairs
  • On-campus presentations on AACRC programs and services
  • Serving at Signature AACRC events
  • Tours of the AACRC and informal tours of campus
  • Introducing new UC students to the AACRC

Applications to become a Habari Gani Ambassador are available following Spring Break of each school year.

Sisters Impacting Sisters

Sisters Impacting Sisters (S.I.S.) is a program where University of Cincinnati African American women  can honestly dialogue and work through issues concerning their roles in the university community, and society.

S.I.S. focuses on:

  • relationship building
  • personal development
  • community service