Habari Gani Ambassadors

 "Habari Gani'' is a Swahili phrase that asks, "what good news do you have?". In this same spirit, the Habari Gani Ambassadors (HGA) is a welcoming student committee that emulates the vibrant, educational, and family-style culture of the AACRC. In addition, HGAs assist with AACRC's outreach efforts by helping build relationships with external and internal partners and finding opportunities on UC's campus and beyond.

HGA is tasked with the important assignment of bringing new students to AACRC events and the Center itself, in addition to creating exciting new programming to expose the Center and its resources. Our ambassadors serve in many capacities throughout the year such as:

  • Hosts for high school visits
  • Student panels for information sessions
  • Tabling for Admission fairs
  • On-campus presentations on AACRC programs and services
  • Serving at Signature AACRC events
  • Tours of the AACRC and informal tours of campus
  • Introducing new UC students to the AACRC

Applications to become a Habari Gani Ambassador are available following Spring Break of each school year.