Meet Our Staff

Leadership Team

Headshot of Tara Scarborough, PsyD (She|Her)

Tara Scarborough, PsyD (She|Her)

Executive Director of Health and Wellness, Division of Student Affairs | Director of Counseling and Psychological Services | Licensed Psychologist

Headshot of Aisha Evans, PsyD (She|Her)

Aisha Evans, PsyD (She|Her)

Associate Director of Community Engagement and Operations | Licensed Psychologist

Headshot of Samantha Cook, PsyD (She|Her)

Samantha Cook, PsyD (She|Her)

Associate Director of Clinical Services | Licensed Psychologist


Headshot of Keysha Alston, LPCC-S (She|Her)

Keysha Alston, LPCC-S (She|Her)

Staff Clinician

Headshot of Amy Blankenship, LPCC-S, TRCC (She|Her)

Amy Blankenship, LPCC-S, TRCC (She|Her)

Embedded Counselor, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Headshot of Kea Brown, PsyD (She|Her)

Kea Brown, PsyD (She|Her)

Staff Clinician

Headshot of Gianluca Bruno, MA, LPCC  (He|Him)

Gianluca Bruno, MA, LPCC (He|Him)

Embedded Counselor, College of Arts & Sciences

Headshot of Michanne Davis, LISW-S (She|Her)

Michanne Davis, LISW-S (She|Her)

Senior Social Worker

Headshot of  Jim Dugar MSW, LISW-S (He|Him)

Jim Dugar MSW, LISW-S (He|Him)

Staff Clinician

Headshot of Shane Gibbons, PhD (He|They)

Shane Gibbons, PhD (He|They)

Licensed Psychologist

Headshot of Monica Gray, IMFT (She|Her)

Monica Gray, IMFT (She|Her)

Staff Clinician

Headshot of Desiree Gonzales, IMFT (She|Her)

Desiree Gonzales, IMFT (She|Her)

Embedded Counselor, UC Blue Ash

Headshot of Kristina Irby (She|Her)

Kristina Irby (She|Her)

Program Manager

Headshot of Kim Jackson (She|Her)

Kim Jackson (She|Her)

Administrative Coordinator

Headshot of Elizabeth Lehman, PhD (She|Her)

Elizabeth Lehman, PhD (She|Her)

Licensed Psychologist

Headshot of Debra J. Love, MSW, LSW (She|Her)

Debra J. Love, MSW, LSW (She|Her)

Social Worker

Headshot of Madeleine Muller, LPCC (She|Her)

Madeleine Muller, LPCC (She|Her)

Embedded Counselor, College of Education, Criminal Justice, Human Services, and Information Technology

Headshot of Dalziel Reliford-Stone, MA, LPCC-S (She|Her|Hers)

Dalziel Reliford-Stone, MA, LPCC-S (She|Her|Hers)

Embedded Counselor, College-Conservatory of Music & College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Headshot of Whitney Richardson, M.Ed, LPCC-S, CCTP(She|Her)

Whitney Richardson, M.Ed, LPCC-S, CCTP(She|Her)

Embedded Counselor, UC Clermont

Headshot of Anthony Sumpter, PsyD (He|Him)

Anthony Sumpter, PsyD (He|Him)

Staff Clinician

Headshot of Corbin Watson, PhD, LPCC (He|Him)

Corbin Watson, PhD, LPCC (He|Him)

Embedded Counselor, College of Medicine

Headshot of LaSondra Wayne, PsyD (She|Her)

LaSondra Wayne, PsyD (She|Her)

Embedded Counselor, Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Headshot of Kelli Wierzbicki, PhD (She|Her|Hers)

Kelli Wierzbicki, PhD (She|Her|Hers)

Staff Clinician

Headshot of Christy Wolfram, IMFT, ATR-BC (She|Her)

Christy Wolfram, IMFT, ATR-BC (She|Her)

Embedded Counselor, James L. Winkler College of Pharmacy & College of Allied Health Sciences

Interns & Fellows

Headshot of Morgan Bullard, PhD (She|Her|Hers)

Morgan Bullard, PhD (She|Her|Hers)

Clinical Fellow

Headshot of James Colmer (He|Him)

James Colmer (He|Him)

Psychology Intern

Headshot of Emily Naveira (She|Her)

Emily Naveira (She|Her)

Psychology Intern

Headshot of Dorcas Roberts, PsyM (She|Her)

Dorcas Roberts, PsyM (She|Her)

Psychology Intern

Headshot of Shawn Saylors (He|Him)

Shawn Saylors (He|Him)

Psychology Intern

Headshot of Zacary Tabler

Zacary Tabler

Clinical Fellow