CAPS Professional Training Program

CAPS offers a comprehensive training experience in the practice of psychology/counseling/social work We have four different training tracks depending on a student training needs. We are focused on contributing to quality, multi-disciplinary, and multiculturally focused graduate training.

Our developmental, practitioner-scholar model views learning as cumulative and sequential with an emphasis on providing a level of training appropriate for each individual’s learning needs and style.   We believe that professional growth requires expanded awareness of one’s own identity, increased awareness and understanding of others’ identities, and acquisition of effective clinical skills grounded in psychological theory.  We are committed to providing a supportive, collaborative environment for the progressive advancement of trainees’ clinical skills and practice.  

The post-internship fellowship program is intended to welcome fellows into all elements of university counseling center work.  Fellows are treated as fully functioning staff members, while also receiving supervision and support as they immerse themselves in this role.  

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The psychology internship program is intended to gradually facilitate interns’ transition from trainee to a more independently functioning professionals.  Interns receive a broad base of training that includes individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, assessment, provision of supervision, and outreach experiences.

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The psychology practicum program is intended to provide support and guidance to practicum students as they immerse themselves in the new experiences of managing a full caseload of clients, deepening their skills in individual and group therapy, and (if desired) providing assessments.  

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The mental health clinical counseling internship is intended to support counseling interns as they transition into increasingly independent practice and professional identity.  Counseling interns are provided guidance and support, while also being challenged to hone their skills in individual and group therapy, along with some crisis counseling.

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The social work internship is intended to help social work interns develop the skills they need to hone their ability to provide individual, group and crisis counseling services.  They receive support and guidance through their intensive training in the clinical practice side of social work. 

If you have any questions regarding the Training Programs offered at UC CAPS, please call (513) 556-0648 or email Assistant Director of Training Betsy Lehman, Ph.D.